CD Releases


the CD released by the Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus

conducted by Binyumen Schaechter
is now available on CD BABY,
For those
who love Yiddish music,
who love choral music,
who love great music,
who love an excellent recording!

The 32-page booklet that comes with the CD
has the complete texts in Yiddish, transliteration, and
in English translation.
and click on new arrivals / world / yiddish
or click on

CD Release ‘Bessarabian Hop’

This Sunday February 17 2008 Michael Winograd is the releasing the new CD ‘Bessarabian Hop’
The CD release party will take place at the
Workmen’s Circle @ 8pm
doors @ 7ish
45 E.33rd Street, $10
Sunday 2/17

w/ Joey Weisenberg – mandolin
Patrick Farrell – accordion
Pete Rushefsky – tsimbl
Daniel Blacksberg – trombone
Nick Cudahy -bass
Richie Barshay – percussion

Michael Alpert and Judith Berkson – vocals

Michael Winograd – clarinet

and guests

there will be singing!
there will be dancing
there will be eating!
there will be blowing! (specifically for the clarinet and trombone)
there will be hitting! (specifically for the tsimbl and percussion)
there will be bowing!
there will be squeezing and plucking!
there will be SPECIAL GUESTS!
there will be NORMAL GUESTS!…

Becoming Hirschhorn Revises and Renews

Linda Hirschhorn Becoming AlbumThere are some memorable albums that reflect a newer and older generation in popular music, Natalie Cole singing a “duet” with her father, electronically created using his original vocal. Here, Linda Hirschhorn revisits not a parent, but herself as the child of the parent, or, maybe vice versa. Putting down harmonies, and fuller tracks with some of her older songs recorded in the 1980s. Hirschhorn, along with some of her friends and daughter, revisits not only herself, but a generational change in American contemporary music. And why do we need more now? Is simplicity not enough? Here, depth in meaning is just as necessary to the spiritual and emotional needs of the generation today, and Hirschhorn gathers her own strength to capture that in a variety of styles.…

PHP release new CD Hodu

The band PHP just released their debut album “HODU” with Sameach music.
Check out The website features pictures, sound bites and there’s video to download. The band is not sure what PHP stands for, — but in analog-land it might be called a pretty hot platter.


New CD Release: Ya’ale is for sale through CDBaby –

With Ya’ale, her first solo recording, Shaina Ettel expresses her love of Torah and song. She brings a fresh approach to traditional Jewish music. She captures the heart and soul of Chabad niggunim. The songs are powerful . The CD comes with
an 8 page insert with text in English and Hebrew. Shaina Ettel’s voice has an “ethereal” quality and has been compared to Judy Collins, or Sarah Brightman. This CD, consists of 13 selections with
Shaina Ettel accompanied by both piano and full orchestration.

Shaina Ettel grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York. She is a professionally trained
vocalist, and has performed in many concerts and shows. She made Aliyah 2½ years
ago and presently lives in the picturesque Nachlaot neighborhood.…

Miriam Ahuvat-El(Ohevet-El) Iron CDs

Miriam Ahuvat-El(Ohevet-El) Iron

Miriam is Jerusalemite singer and song-writer, the descendant of a Hassidic family from Karlin who arrived from White Russia to Israel as early as 1846.
She has published a CD, Hassidic Shabbath Songs and Nigunim of Karlin.Many of these Chasidic tunes were, according to tradition, “passed down through the generations, from the time of the great Hassidic Rebe, Reb Araleh Hagadol of Karlin, who was part of the circle of the Baal Shem Tov.” Miriam has also published a CD of her songs “Miriam Ahuvatel sings Psalms”, which appeared at the Shalshelet competition. “Ways of Peace” is another CD. Miriam has put her CDs for sale on CD-baby Miriam’s CDs dress the melodies in some modern garb, including jazz and modern American musical elements.…

‘Kamti Lehallel’ from Beth Hatefutsoth

‘Kamti Lehallel’ (I Rise in Praise) a Double CD album has been released from Beth Hatefutsoth
featuring the music of the Spanish & Portuguese communities of Amsterdam, London and
New York. The set contains 50 cantorial works representing centuries of tradition, sung by Cantor Daniel Halfon of the Yad Harav Nissim synagogue in Jerusalem, accompanied by the Or Hadash Choir and a small chamber orchestra conducted by Azi Schwartz. For information on the album see
A review appeared in The Jerusalem Post Oct. 16

‘Friling’ CD Release of Luceete Van Den Berg

Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center,
3301 Bainbridge avenue, Bronx, NY
near 208th st, (and Montefiore Hospital)
Sunday, Oct. 28th, 1:30 PM
to hear the visiting Dutch Yiddish singer
Lucette Van den Berg

This is a CD release party for her recording “Friling” which includes
new Yiddish songs by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman. Lucette has a
beautiful voice and she is the first to record almost all of these

Take the D train to 205th st. or the 4 train to Mosholu Parkway.
information: 917-930-0295

Midnight Prayer CD by Joel Rubin Ensemble

Midnight Prayer
Joel Rubin Ensemble
(Traditional Crossroads

Announcing the release of the new CD, “Midnight Prayer” by the Joel Rubin Ensemble. Clarinetist Rubin has long been considered to be one of the leading performers of Jewish instrumental klezmer music in the world today, earning accolades from sources as diverse as klezmer giants Dave Tarras and Max Epstein, international clarinet soloist Richard Stoltzman, avant garde composer John Zorn, and Nobel Prize Laureate and poet Roald Hoffmann. The ensemble also features Hungarian cimbalom virtuoso Kálmán Balogh, Italian accordion wizard Claudio Jacomucci and rising klezmer star violinist David Chernyavsky, as well as Ferenc Kovács (trumpet), Csaba Novák (bass), Sándor Budai (second violin) and Pete Rushefsky (tsimbl).


A new CD from
Voices For Israel has been released: Keeping the Faith

It’s the largest gathering ever of women in Jewish music, from four continents and all Jewish
backgrounds, joining their voices for Israel. This historic project
includes 2 CDs of exciting and inspiring music and video and features
the brand new anthems, “Keeping the Faith” and “Land Of Your Heart.”**

**Proceeds benefit survivors and victims of war and terrorism in

Available in your local Judaica store and online

Pharaoh’s Daughter Record Release

Pharaoh’s Daughter is releasing their newest album on
May 14, 2007 at the Highline Ballroom
located at:
431 W 16th St
New York, NY 10011
between 9th and 10th Ave
(212) 414-5994

Time: 8pm
Doors: 6 PM
Tickets: $25.00 (Free CD with ticket purchase)

All Ages

Pharaoh’s Daughter

Blending a psychedelic sensibility and a pan-Mediterranean sensuality, Basya
leads her band, Pharaoh’s Daughter, through swirling Hasidic chants,
Mizrachi and Sephardi folk-rock, and spiritual stylings filtered through
percussion, flute, strings and electronica.Her sound has been cultivated by her
Hasidic music background and a series of trips to the Middle East, Africa, Israel,
Egypt, Central Africa, Turkey, Kurdistan and Greece.

Rita Glassman “Journey to Shabbat” CD

Rita Glassman, the Cantor of Congregation Sherith Israel in San Francisco, has released a new CD “Journey to Shabbat”. Rita is the composer and singer of an interpretive chant of the Hebrew prayer “Shema.” Her recording of the Shema, accompanied by the talented Jai Uttal and Geoffrey Gordon, can be heard on the CD-Sacred World Chants on the ‘Soundings of the Planet’ label. Her newest “Journey to Shabbat” CD was recorded in
Sherith Israel’s sanctuary and is filled to the brim with “warmth, heart and soul.”
The elegant instrumental arrangements (use of percussion, guitar, mandolin,
clarinet, flute) are a great compliment to Rita’s voice, often compared to that of Chava Alberstein, Enya and Loreena McKennit. This recording is a preparation for Shabbat, taking one “on a spiritual journey to greater
connectedness with this day of renewal, meditation, and celebration.” cultures.…

“The Eternal Question (Di Alte Kashe)” New CD Released

Kame’a Media announces the release of “The Eternal Question (Di Alte
Kashe),” a compact disc by Yiddish singer Fraidy Katz. The CD comes with a
24-page booklet of Yiddish text, transliterations, English translations,
songwriter bios — and more.

Produced by Wolf Krakowski and Jim Armenti, TEQ features the musical and
vocal talents of 18 musicians from across the spectrum of Jewish, Americana and World Music.

Gail Javitt: Like A Braided Candle: Songs for Havdalah

Gail Javitt announces the release of her first CD “Like a Braided Candle: Songs for Havdalah”. The entire album is devoted songs for Havdalah, and it may be the first, or only one, of its kind to specialize in just this music. Gail put several years of research into finding just the right music for this collection. Songs are in Yiddish, English and Hebrew. It’s available through CD Baby with some sound samples and more details about the album

When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up CD Release

whenyouliedownCantor Judy Greenfeld has released a new CD “When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up” which is a collection modern day renewal-style melodies to prayers for the beginning and end of the day. Each song is based primarily upon traditional texts which are set to new music. Cantor Greenfeld, Gordon Lustig, Meir Finkelstein and Sheryl Braunstein are the featured composers on the album. The album has spoken text of prayer as well as traditional texts helping listeners to have guided focus on the meanings of the prayers. Cantor Greenfeld has a wonderful, clear voice which is especially suited to the new age, quiet, relaxing music prevalent on the album. This is not an album geared toward children, although it is appropriate for them with a warm and friendly sound.…

Frank London’s “A Night In The Old Marketplace”

CD Release Celebration for Frank London’s “A Night In The Old Marketplace”

Ron Caswell, tuba. bass
Brandon Seabrook guitar, banjo, mandolin
Art Bailey keyboards, accordion
Aaron Alexander, drums

And vocalists… La Tanya Hall, Manu Narayan (star of Broadway’s Bombay
Dreams), Craig Wedren (from Shudder to Think), The Klezmatic’s Lorin Sklamberg and many others featured on the recording.

CD Release Celebration:
Monday, March 26th
Barrow Street Theatre
27 Barrow St.
NY 10014
(corner of 7th Ave. South)
Admission: $20
Telecharge Website < by phone inside the NY metro area at (212) 239-6200 and outside the NY metro area at 1 (800) 432-7250.

A Night In The Old Marketplace In Stores –April 3, 2007

Denise Williams CD Release ‘Walk Together Children’

Soprano Denise Williams is launching
her imaginative Black-and-Jewish CD, Walk Together Children,
Sunday, February 11, 2007
3 p.m.
in the Al Green Theatre,
Miles Nadal JCC
750 Spadina Ave. (at Bloor)

Admission is $20. For tickets and information, call 416-924-6211, ext.0,
or visit
Copies of the CD will be
available for sale, with Denise available to sign them following the

Denise will perform a wide range of music. The program ranges from folk
songs in English, Creole, African languages, Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino
to spirituals and classical. Joining her are some of the artists
featured on the recording – Brahm Goldhamer, piano; Nina Shapilsky,
keyboards; Sam Donkoh, percussion; and Tonian Morgan, guitar. The
Antiguan-Canadian choir Voices of Paradise, led by Eulalie
, will also appear, along with members of the Toronto
Jewish Folk Choir.…

Midnight Prayer Answered

The new CD, “Midnight
Prayer” by the Joel Rubin Ensemble has been released. Clarinetist Joel Rubin
has long been considered to be one of the leading
performers of Jewish instrumental klezmer music in the
world today, earning accolades from sources as diverse
as klezmer giants Dave Tarras and Max Epstein,
international clarinet soloist Richard Stoltzman,
avant garde composer John Zorn, and Nobel Prize
Laureate and poet Roald Hoffmann. The ensemble also
features Hungarian cimbalom virtuoso Kálmán Balogh,
Italian accordion wizard Claudio Jacomucci and rising
klezmer star violinist David Chernyavsky, as well as
Ferenc Kovács (trumpet), Csaba Novák (bass), Sándor
(second violin) and Pete Rushefsky (tsimbl).

To order:

For more information:

NPR and Nextbook stories on new CD “Jewface”

Some of the most offensive music ever recorded, put together by Jody Rosen…a look at the early vaudeville and minstrel music about Jews in America a hundred years ago…

NPR’s radio program hosted by Terry Gross, “Fresh Air” had a story on January 2, 2007 on the new CD “Jewface”, which journalist Jody Rosen put together. “It’s the first anthology of Jewish minstrel songs. Tracks include “Cohen Owes Me 97 Dollars,” “I’m a Yiddish Cowboy” and other long-lost hits from the vaudeville stage of the early 20th century. Rosen is the music critic for and also writes for The Nation.”
Rosen is the author of the book White Christmas: The Story of an American Song which was reviewed on JMWC Rosen also has an interview on Nextbook.…

Flashes In The Darkness CD Released

In honor of her newly released CD, Flashes In The Darkness,
Talia Applebaum will be performing in Har Nof in the home of Karen Pichel.
Address: 2/12 Chai Taibe, Entrance Bet
Date: Motzei Shabbat, January 13th
Time: 8:00 PM
Entrance fee: 20 NIS
Cost of CD: 50 NIS
Talia’s music encompasses a variety of genres including:
Melodic piano ballads, folk, jazz, blues, rag time, mild rock and
All carrying messages based on Torah themes or verses.
All resulting from a personal spiritual journey that can be shared by all.
Please join us for this “Inspiring Musical Odyssey”

Quote from Tambourine, Jewish Woman’s Arts Newsletter,
“Talia’s unique sound reveals deep spiritual dimensions within her voice.
Potent and playful,
Talia’s voice emerges from the depths of the soul with a rawness and
honesty that is simply refreshing”

Shalom Kids by Roberta Seltzer CD

A new CD for children called “Shalom Kids” is now available through CD Baby by Roberta Seltzer.Roberta Seltzer is a children’s performer whose warm voice delights both youngsters and adults. She entertains extensively at temples, schools, libraries and organizations,
where she builds a warm rapport with her audience. In her CD SHALOM KIDS, she shares some of her favorite Shabbat melodies and familiar playsongs.

Roberta serves as music specialist at various temples, day schools and community centers. Sound clips for the CD are available at CD Baby.

Psalms of Joy and Sorrow

On October 17, the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music released the 48th CD in its pioneering recording series that documents music related to the Jewish experience in America. Titled Psalms of Joy and Sorrow, this new disc reflects the varied responses of twelve 20th- and 21st-century composers to some of the most affecting and enduring of all biblical texts-the Psalms.

Common to the liturgies, histories, and spirit of both Judaism and Christianity, the biblical Book of Psalms is one of the most widely familiar and most frequently quoted books of the Hebrew Bible. The Psalms’ sentiments and teachings, expressed in a singular blend of majestic grandeur and poignant simplicity, give them a uniquely universal resonance.

Encompassing virtually every human emotion and mood from exaltation to alienation, hope to despair, these texts have inspired musical interpretation since Jewish antiquity, with notated musical settings dating back more than ten centuries.…

Art Bailey’s Orkestra Popilar at Stain

ABOP performs at Stain Bar on Wed, Nov 1, 2006. 7-9pm.
Admission is by donation at the event.
766 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY (By Subway: take L to Grand, 1 block west)
718-387-7840 | for more directions and information.

Art Bailey’s Orkestra Popilar new CD is now available! Branch from the Tree features fresh
interpretations of rarely heard material first recorded by Romanian-born
cymbalom master and Lower East Side restaurateur, Joseph Moskowitz. On this
debut cd, the band also explores early 20th century Jewish fiddle pieces,
improvisation, newly composed music, and pieces from the klezmer and
Eastern European repertoire. Learn about the CD, listen to clips, or purchase it online at

Shevet Achim Featured on Richard Nunemaker CD

Shevet Achim (Brothers Dwell) by Meira Warshauer featured on New Richard
Nunemaker CD Project – Work Has Special Relevance for Today
Clarinetist Richard Nunemaker has released a new CD “The Louisville
which features Meira Warshauer’s “Shevet Achim (Brothers Dwell).”
The Louisville Project (AUR CD 3127). The piece, for two bass clarinets, is a response to the troubled
relationship between the descendants of half-brothers Yitzchak and
Yishmael (sons of Abraham), now Israelis and Palestinians. Written in
fall, 2000, the piece roils with the conflict between the two peoples,
expressing both intense animosity and common identification. It has been
observed that the most strongly felt conflicts are between peoples whose
lives and histories are intertwined on many levels.

For more information,
including how to order this CD from Arizona University Recordings,
please visit…

Theresa Tova Sings Beyle

Theresa Tova is launching a new CD:
“You Ask Me Why — Tova Sings Beyle”. It is an ambitious CD featuring
a collaboration with masterful producer/arranger John Alcorn. The CD
celebrates the songs of Yiddish poet and songwriter Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman (National Endowment of the Arts honoree). Tova places these folk gems in settings that are a meange of jazz, world
and contemporary pop grooves… bridging the gap between the traditional roots of Jewish culture and
21st century sensibilities and rhythms.

The CD launch is Monday September 4th 5:30 pm at the Harbourfront
Centre Theatre in Toronto with an all star jazz band:
Mark Eisenman Piano
Artie Roth Bass and Electric Bass
Daniel Barnes Drums and Percussion
Brian Katz Classical and Electric Guitars
Jane Bunnett Flute
Kelly Jefferson Tenor Saxophone
John Macleod Trumpet
and Julie Michels Vocal duet

For more information about Theresa Tova, visit:

New Herman Berlinski CD from Milken Archive

Herman Berlinski: From the World of My Father [8.559446]

The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music has released a CD of four works for the synagogue and the concert hall by German-born, American composer and organist Herman Berlinski. These works reflect his rich, post-Romantic musical language, eclectic musical style, and depth of Jewish inspiration. This new disc complements the Milken Archive’s 2004 release of the composer’s Avodat Shabbat, a large-scale setting of the Sabbath evening liturgy according to the American Reform prayerbook. It brings to 45 the number of recordings released since the Milken Archive CD series was launched in September 2003.

New Shabbos Waltz by David Grisman and Andy Statman

A new CD by instrumentalists David Grisman and Andy Statman called ‘ New Shabbos Waltz ‘ is now available.
Years ago Grisman and Statman were highly successful with their first
CD, “Songs of Our Fathers.” This is the first release they’ve done together since then of a CD of Jewish Music.
FROM THE BOOKLET: “Although this is an instrumental album, the majority of
the original songs alternate between the twin themes of shabbos and Jerusalem,
which are closely related. Jewish mystics state that what Shabbos is in time,
Jerusalem is in space.” Selections include; Avinu Malkeinu, Anim Zemiros, Pischu Li, Shabbos Ha Yom
La Shem, Ya’Aleh, Old Klezmer, Yerushalyim Shel Zahav, Ani Ma’amin, Lekha Dodi,
and more. CD available through many vendors, including Hatikvah Music, Contact: (323) 655-7083.…

Hazzan Israel Alter’s Music Now Available on CD

At long last the music of Hazzan Israel Alter is available on CD. Lois Welber recently released her cantorial CD, “Prayers of the High Holy Days: Shomeah Tefillah”. (Shomeah Tefillah – “…Who hears prayer” from Hineni) featuring the music of Hazzan Israel Alter. The CD focuses on music from “The High Holy Day Service” and “The Selichot Service” published by the Cantors Assembly. The original musical accompaniment is arranged by organist/composer Ernest Rakhlin and with pianist David Sparr. There is also one song included by Israel Goldfarb, “B’Sefer Chayim” (from Shirei T’shuvah –991900), which score is available through Transcontinental Music Publications.

These renditions are all sung with Welber’s strong mezzo-soprano in dedication to the 100th anniversary celebration of Temple B’Nai Israel in Revere, Massachusetts, where she has been cantor since 2000.…

New Faces Old Souls and more CDs Released

Leah Epstein is a song writer living in Israel since making Aliya from Chicago in 1981. She lives on Moshav Keshet, an orthodox community in the Golan. Her Hebrew and English songs are wistful, and at the same time religious and personal. The music itself is heavily influenced from a ‘time capsule’ of American song from some 30 years ago, such as American folk, Carole King or Joni Mitchell. There are some highly personal songs, such as “Child of the Heights” dedicated to her son killed in a car accident, and other of her texts are more universally and politically themed. The CDs, Nof Mushlam (A Perfect View), and New Faces, Old Souls, are available at Moria Books and Music in the Old City and through…

Rabbi Henkin releases Shirei Nefesh CD

Rabbi Yehuda Henkin from Jerusalem sent a copy of his new CD, Shirei Nefesh Yehuda, to JMWC. All the music is composed by Rabbi Henkin and sung by Yaron Bar. The rabbi has produced an album of singable and pleasant religious melodies with nice arrangements. Contact information is and FAX (02) 652-1473.

Lazar Weiner’s Yiddish Art Songs Come to Life on New CD Release

The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music has released another CD. This one is “The Art of Yiddish Song” with 32 songs by Lazare Weiner. [8.559443]. You can read a complete discription released by the Milken Archive about the recording.
Often referred to as “America’s Jewish Schubert”, Weiner’s exquisite songs are a pinnacle of Yiddish art song (lider). This recording shows his mastery of craftsmanship, connection to the language, and complete immersion in the depths of meaning in Jewish culture. The performers are top drawer, and so the recording is a “must” for anyone interested in Yiddish art music, or generally in good lieder.

Liderman “Aires de Sefarad” CD Released

Albany Records has just released “Aires de Sefarad” (Airs from Spain). It is a
cycle of 46 works,an hour of music written for the violin and guitar
ensemble-Duo46 by award winning composer Jorge Liderman. The music is based loosely on 500-year old Jewish music from around the Mediterranean. After a 2003 visit to Spain
and walking through the Jewish quarter in Cordoba, Liderman was inspired to write these works.
Albany Records “Aires de Sefarad”, Albany Records TROY-829,can be purchased at
retail record stores or online. For information about Duo46 and Jorge
Liderman visit websites and

Miriam’s Drum

A new CD, Miriam’s Drum has been released with all original new songs by Tziona Achishena Zilbershtein. This recording, intended for women, features a diverse group of musicians performing on everything from traditional oud to Indian tablas, tampura, bendir, bowls, flutes, harmonium and drums. A children’s choir also appears as well as women’s vocals. Most of the texts come from Psalms, or prayerbook liturgy, yet the settings are new and spirited. Tziona is a ‘mulit-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, riq (a Middle Eastern tambourine), harmonium, and the Persian santur.’ Recordings can be purchased directly through the artist at: Tziona Zilbershtein Ohr HaGanuz, D.N. Merom HaGalil, ISRAEL 13909. For more information, visit:

Zemlinsky Songs Get Some Well Deserved Attention

Alexander Zemlinsky is one of those ‘lesser known’ composers who fled Nazi Germany for the US in the 1930s. Recently there has been a sort of revival of sorts with a book by Anthony Beaumont a few years ago, several concert series about Austrian ’emigre’ composers, and a CD set of Songs of Zemlinsky sung by Hermine Haselbock.To hear samples, go to Haselboeck’s site and click on “Zemlinsky CD”.
Songs by Alexander Zemlinsky (1871-1942)
Hermine Haselböck, /Mezzosoprano
Florian Henschel,/Piano

Wings: Songs of the Jewish Heart

Valeria Fubini Ventura, voice, Anna Barbero, piano, have released a CD of classical Israeli music on the Italian label Recorded in the Church of S. Apollinare in Monticello di Lonigo (VI) near Vicenza, the recording has a collection of Israeli composers whose “musical horizon is tied to European national school of the end of the nineteenth century.” Also included are selections by Ravel and Milhaud.

Ruby Harris band Releases CD “LeShem Shamayim”

You¹re invited to a CD Release Party with The RUBY HARRIS Band Star of Diaspora
for the Debut of his CD Le’Shem Shamayim: For Heaven¹s Sake on Sameach Music.
This Saturday nite Shabbas Shirah Spectacular Saturday, Feb. 11, 8:00 p.m.
at The Carlebach Shul
305 West 79th Street New York NY 10024
Tel. (212) 580-2391, Infoline (212) 721-SHUL
appearing with ONEG Shemesh –Founding Moshav Band member and his CD Bring Us Together.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The Ramaz Chorus of the New York under the direction of Caroll Goldberg recorded songs on Yom Yerushalayim in 2001. Title of the CD is Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow. If your Jewish day school is looking for material that is attractive, uplifting, and sounds good both to you and teens, you may want to take a listen to this recording to see what kids can do. Caroll Goldberg also has a book L’yisrael Mizmor, that has “selections with melody line, chords, two and three part settings suitable for amateur as well as professional chorus, texts, transliterations and translations, discography, curriculum guide, amd bibliography.” Availble through

Atzilut Concerts for Peace

Atzilut is known in Europe as the “Middle East Peace Orchestra”. The ten-member ensemble features Arab and Jewish musicians in concert making a powerful statement for peace by working together. Atzilut has three CDs: Fourth World, Souls on Fire: Music for the Kabbalah, and The latter is a balanced program of Arabic and Jewish music including such works as Fo Rusnic (Arabic), Nagila Halleluyah (Hebrew), Balleghu (Arabic) and songs that combine Arabic and Hebrew. Available on CDbaby. Music director: Hazzan Jack Kessler. The message of the CD is “move forward into peace”. It’s for anyone enjoying middle east music with pleasant voices (Maurice Chedid performing Arabic vocalsand Jack Kessler, Hebrew vocals) and good instrumentalists. has a pleasing voice to western ears as well traditional ones.…

Laurie Sucher sings “Diaspora Dreams”

Laurie Sucher sings in the Chciago area as a seasoned cabaret, Yiddish singer and cantorial soloist. Laurie grew up in a Yiddish speaking home in New York, so she’s quite familiar with the language– and the songs on this CD show that familiarity.The CD is a mix of music recorded a few years ago live at Chicago’s Harold Washington Library Theater and studio takes. Also included on the collection are a number of Ladino Songs. The CD is available through CD Baby.

Jonah’s Songs CD from Emil Skobeloff

Emil Skobeloff, serving as a cantor of Congreation Ohev Shalom in Wallingford, PA sends a CD dedicated to his son Jonah. It’s a private publication produced with the help of studio musician Pete Huttlinger, who has played on Grammy nominated projects and is a veteran Nashville session player. It shows. The arrangements and instrumentation are professional. The repertoire are all standards of Yiddish, Ladino and Hebrew such as Eli Eli and Quando El Rei Nimrod and My Yiddishe Mama. Contact the cantor at: 225 South Chester Road, Ste. 5, Swarthmore, PA 19081 about obtaining copies.

String Quartets by Milhaud, Zorn, Secunda, Schonthal and Binder Released on CD by Milken Archive

String Quartets
The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music Releases Its 40th CD–
Jewish String Quartets by Darius Milhaud, Sholom Secunda, John Zorn, Ruth Schonthal and Abraham Wolf Binder on Naxos American Classics.
Jewish String Quartets [8.559451]
is a unique collection of Judaically inspired, 20th-century string quartets. Written by five highly individual and stylistically diverse composers, this latest CD features the imaginative intersection of Jewish melodies, motifs or historical sensibilities with one of the cornerstone genres of the Western musical canon, the string quartet. This intimate medium has historically been a prism for a composer’s most personal musical statements, and that tradition is upheld in the pieces heard on this new disc.
Compositions by Darius Milhaud, Sholom Secunda, John Zorn, Ruth Schonthal and Abraham Wolf Binder with
performances by the Juilliard String Quartet, the Bochmann String Quartet, the Bingham String Quartet, and a quartet formed specially for the Zorn composition.…

Mike Boxer CD Erev Chaim

Pianist/singer/songwriter and public school music teacher, Mike Boxer released Erev Chaim as a way to introduce Jewish music to teens not familiar with any. Boxer hopes that it results in some Jewish youth who emerge more enthusiastic about the music of their faith. This “independently marketed concept album
brings the face of cutting-edge mainstream pop to today’s Jewish music.” The track list contains — heimish, liturgical-oriented classics like Shalom Aleichem, Bilvavi, and Acheinu — but a good portion of the music features sounds typically from the forefront of modern pop, rock and R and B. Seven songs are revamped covers; seven are Boxer’s own original material.

Amid the Jasmine CD Release

The Gerald Edery Ensemble‘s
newest recording, Amid the Jasmine is finished and will be available on the website,, on February 9th, 2006.

The Ensemble will be in the New York/New Jersey area, on Saturday, February
11, 2006. There will be a CD release concert at the Jewish Community Center of
Greater Monmouth County in Deal Park, New Jersey. The event will feature The Gerard
Edery Ensemble performing music from the new release as well as appearances by guest
Cantors. You can expect an evening filled with a multi-cultural spirit conveyed
through an eclectic mix of songs in Ladino, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew from the
Sephardic and Middle Eastern traditions, as well as original songs by Gerard Edery.

The concert starts at 8:00 p.m.…


DANCING ON THE EDGE OF A VOLCANO, (which was released a couple of years ago) is currently being sold olnline by Cedille Records at with a sale through mid January. (for $12) Some people who want to add this to their collections for a relatively inexpensive price, may want to know.

Jewish Cabaret, Popular, and Political Songs 1900-1945
CDR 90000 065 (2 CD set)

New Budapest Orpheum Society
Philip V. Bohlman, Artistic Director
Ilya Levinson, Music Director & Arranger
Stewart Figa, baritone — (SF)
Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano — (JB)
Deborah Bard, soprano — (DB)
Ilya Levinson, piano
Peter Blagoev, violin
Stewart Miller, bass
Hank Tausend, percussion
Elizabeth Ko, flute
Jon Steinhagen, American lyrics
There’s more to traditional Jewish popular music than klezmer clarinet and Broadway-style fiddling on the roof.…

Italian Music Judaica 20-CD on Holocaust music

Musica Judaica is a twenty CDs containing the music written from 1933 (when camps such as Dachau and Börgermoor were opened) to 1945 in all concentration, internment, extermination and POW camps, both of the Axis’ and Allies’ countries. It is the result of a 10-year, huge historical and musicological work by the Italian pianist and conductor Francesco Lotoro.

Musica Judaica represents a “Musical Dictionary” of concentration camp music during WWII. It contains all the music written in Terezin by Gideon Klein (Piano Sonata, Strings Trio, Czech and Russian Folk Songs, etc.), Viktor Ullmann (5th, 6th, 7th Piano Sonatas, the unknown Don Quixote tanzt Fandango, the opera The Emperor of Atlantis, etc.), Pavel Haas (4 Songs on texts from Chinese Poetry, Studio for Strings Orchestra), Rudolf Karel (Pankràc’s Musicbook, Nonet, the opera The 3 Hairs of the Wise Old man), Ervin Schulhoff (Piano score of 8th Symphony) Hans Kràsa (Rimbaud-Songs, the famous children opera Brundibàr), Karel Berman, Zikmund Schul, Jiri Kummermann, Szymon Laks, Frantisek Domazlicky, Ilse Weber, etc.…

Kalan Website carries Judeo Turkish music

For those interested in obtaining music from the Jews of Turkey or the Judeo-Sufi connection, the Kalan music website at carries several recordings of Jewish music interest. Recordings such as Jewish religious music, in the Turkish Jewish traditions, Rabbi Isaac Algazisinging Ottomon Jewish music, or such as or Janet and Jak Esim Antik Bir Huzun Judeo-Espanyol Ezgiler folk music are just a few examples. The JMWC has no experience in purchaing items from this website.

Rabbi David Zeller releases “Goodnight My Sweetest Children”

Rabbi David Zeller has released a CD of music for children and adults entitled “Goodnight My Sweetest Children”.
Zeller is a singer, teacher and counselor based in Jerusalem. These songs utilize the melodies of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and are based on Jewish bedtime prayers. Songs are intended to be relaxing and soothing to help children fall asleep. The CD can be purchased at:

Gershon Kingsley CD from Milken

Gershon Kingsley [8.559435]
This new recording of four works by German-born American composer
Gershon Kingsley reveals the influence of American idioms and
contemporary musical developments-in this case jazz and electronic
music-on the work of Jewish composers, and confirms the openness of both
composers and Jewish institutions to expanding the boundaries of
traditional liturgical practice. In addition, the CD illustrates the
continuing affect of the Holocaust in provoking response by creative
artists, and points to the upcoming observance of the 60th anniversary
of the allied liberation of the concentration camps in the spring of
1945.For details about this CD, go to

“Dus gezang fin geto Lodzh/Song of the Lodz Ghetto”

The new Brave Old World CD has been released: “Dus gezang fin geto Lodzh/Song of the Lodz Ghetto,” on the Winter & Winter label. The CD is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and should be in the stores across North America. The program has been evolving since 1990, and it reflects BOW’s own experiences over 15 years of performing Jewish music. This album represents a step over into new form of Jewish music–a ‘yiddish song suite’ and is not only of high musical performance quality, but may set precedents for future art forms in Jewish music. I’m calling this new Jewish art form, a ‘bernian suite’ in honor of Alan Bern. For more information read on:

The Klezmatics with Joshua Nelson

Yiddishkayt Los Angeles & Spaceland Productions
The Klezmatics with Joshua Nelson
Monday, April 4 at 8:00 PM (doors open at 7:00 PM)
Barnsdall Gallery Theatre
4800 Hollywood Blvd. (between Vermont and Edgemont)
Hollywood, CA 90027
General Admission: $25

Only in America could Jewish slaves in Egypt inspire White
Southern Christians who in turn stirred Black Christians to sing
about emancipation who in turn inspired an African-American
Jewish gospel singer named Joshua Nelson.

The Klezmatics, known for their unique blend of
melodic mysticism and improvisational activism, have once again
turned their music inside out, exposing the complexity of
Jewish identity, Black identity, and human identity.
Brother Moses Smote the Water, their March 2005
release on Piranha Musik (distributed by Harmonia Mundi),
teams them with Nelson and jazz singer/organist Kathryn