When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up CD Release

whenyouliedownCantor Judy Greenfeld has released a new CD “When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up” which is a collection modern day renewal-style melodies to prayers for the beginning and end of the day. Each song is based primarily upon traditional texts which are set to new music. Cantor Greenfeld, Gordon Lustig, Meir Finkelstein and Sheryl Braunstein are the featured composers on the album. The album has spoken text of prayer as well as traditional texts helping listeners to have guided focus on the meanings of the prayers. Cantor Greenfeld has a wonderful, clear voice which is especially suited to the new age, quiet, relaxing music prevalent on the album. This is not an album geared toward children, although it is appropriate for them with a warm and friendly sound. This album has plenty of English spoken and sung text mixed with some of the Hebrew prayers. More information about her CD can be found at www.nachshonminyan.org/otherWorks.html

Judy Greenfeld
Cantor Judy Greenfeld is the founder and spiritual leader of the Nachshon Minyan (www.nachshonminyan.org) in Encino, California. Cantor Judy Greenfeld did her undergraduate work at the University of Arizona and received her ordination as well as a Master’s Degree in Jewish Sacred Music from the Academy for Jewish Religion, California (www.ajrca.org), a pluralistic rabbinical and cantorial seminary based in Los Angeles. Cantor Greenfeld is the co-author (with Dr. Tamar Frankiel) of two books, Minding the Temple of the Soul and Entering the Temple of Dreams which detail a new approach to Jewish prayer through movement and meditation. She has lectured and taught movement and prayer at retreats and synagogues around the United States. One of the highlights of Cantor Greenfeld’s work with the Nachshon Minyan includes authoring a prayer book which reflects a blending of Conservative and Reform traditions. It will be published by the Ktav Publishing House in 2007 and will be accompanied by a CD now in production. Her latest CD, “When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up: Jewish prayers to begin and end your day in a meaningful way” features original music for evening and morning prayers. A resident of Encino, she is married to Michael Greenfeld and is the proud mother of Samantha and David.

Cantor Greenfeld is licensed to officiate at lifecycle events including bar and bat mitzvah services and weddings. She can be reached at CGC1@aol.com. More information about her CD can be found at www.nachshonminyan.org/otherWorks.html.