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Ashbourne Music Publishing

Ashbourne Music Publishing is a liturgical and secular publishing house specializing in Jewish music –“contemporary music anchored in Jewish tradition” –as their slogan indicates. The publishing house features the music of several outstanding composers including Charles Davidson, Temple Painter and Max Wohlberg. The website offers access to information about the composers, and the music via CDs, DVDs, scores and books and articles. Featured are music for chorus, wedding music, solo voice and musical dramas. Also published are several important volumes of cantorial music, which have been endorsed by some of the most famous cantorial authorities in America.

Choral Music Publishing

Looking for choral music for your group? ECS Publishing npw has a division that publishes Jewish choral music. It is edited by Dr. Stanley Hoffman, a composer and Chief music editor. The catalog is growing. Currently it includes works by Robert Applebaum, Judith Zaimont, Stanley Hoffman, Bella Gottesman, Vladimir Heyfetz, Mark Zukerman (Sutzkever, Olshansky, Bugatch and more).

Das Europäische Zentrum für Jüdische Musik

Hannover, Germany. Das Europäische Zentrum für Jüdische Musik, under the direction of Andor Izsák, hopes to reconstruct and document the music of the synagogues that were lost during the time of WWII. Much of the Jewish cantorial, organ music and composers are unknown to most people today in Germany. The Center’s mission is to increase awareness and knowledge. The Center will search after documents, present concerts and sponsor festivals and symposia, and publish music.

ECS Publishing –Jewish Choral Music

Dr. Stanley Hoffman, Chief Editor at ECS publishing, has considerably enlarged a Jewish choral composition catalogue at ECS. The catalogue is growing and is available online. ECS Publishing is the parent company of E. C. Schirmer Music Company, Galaxy Music Corporation, Highgate Press, Ione Press, and the record label, ARSIS Audio. ECS incorporated in 1993 in Boston, Massachusetts. ECS Publishing is the exclusive American distributer for Édition Delrieu, Gaudia Music and Arts, Vireo Press, Dunstan House, and Randol Bass Music. ECS is also a non-exclusive distributor of many Stainer and Bell Ltd. products. E. C. Schirmer Music Company remains one of a few American independent classical music publishers in business today.

Israel Music Institute

The Israel Music Insitute (IMI) is a publicly owned publishing house. It is a non-profit organization run by the Israel Ministry of Education and Culture. IMI owns the copyright to some 1700 works, by more than 160 Israeli composers. The IMI catalogue contains orchestra, chamber and choral works. The IMI also serves as the Israel Music Information Centre. The web presentation includes catalogues, including forthcoming publications, and a composers gallery which provides brief biographical sketches of composers and a listing of their compositions.

Jewish Music Distribution -UK

Jewish Music Distribution, with help from Noa Lachman, has an extensive catalogue of recordings in cd and cassette tape formats as well as sheet music. Their catalogue covers contemporary, klezmer, classical Jewish, Yiddish, religious, Israeli, holiday, Russian, Ladino and so on. They have unique and extensive numbers of materials by British Jewish artists, composers and performing groups. Especially nice is the number of materials for easy piano and other instrumental arrangements for children to become exposed to this music.
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Or-Tav Music Publications

Publishers of music from over 100 Israeli composers. Also the site of the Israel Brass Woodwind Publications.Or-Tav is an independent publisher. “…publications include original compositions, arrangements of classical works, ethnic and educational music, collections of Israeli songs, and books on musical topics.” Founded by Bruno Reinhardt. “Israel’s leading independent music publisher, specializing in music for solo instruments, ensembles, voice, and choir.”

Tara Publications

The Tara Publications website. Tara Publications is both a publisher and distributor of Jewish music of all genres. Their website includes access descriptions of scores, books and sound recordings. An extensive list of excerpts from recordings are available using Real Audio. The site includes a collection of brief biographical sketches of artists and composers of materials they are selling. Their page links to websites of active recording and performance artists and groups.

Transcontinental Music

“Transcontinental Music Publications/New Jewish Music Press, the music publishing arm of the Reform movement, publishes a wide variety of musical materials for synagogue and home use. Since it is the largest publisher of Jewish choral music in the world, it serves as the single most important resource for all community groups such as schools, universities,churches, and libraries.” Catalog is now online. The Transcontinental catalog is also distributing music from the Cantors Assembly (Conservative). Ordering information included at site.
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Transcontinental Music has new Music Editor

Transcontinental Music has recently hired two new staff:
Mike Boxer will be Administrative Director of Transcontinental Music. He has a rich background in business, education, and music arranging and producing, and has a special love of Jewish a cappella music. Most recently Mike has been working as a middle school chorus teacher, while also running his own music production company. Mike has a B.A. in Music, a B.S. in Management and Marketing, and an M.A. in Adolescent Education.

Jayson Rodovsky Engquist will be the new Music Editor. Jayson has a long history serving as music director, choir conductor, and organist at various synagogues, including a position at Central Synagogue in New York City, and is active in the GTM (Guild of Temple Musicians) and the American Guild of Organists.…