Theodore Bikel z”l videos and performances

Theodore Bikel and the Zamir Chorale singing Techezakna, a folk song arranged by Eleanor Epstein, at the 19th Annual North American Jewish Choral Festival in 2008, conducted by Matthew Lazar.

Theodore Bikel and Judy Collins “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” American folksong at 1963 Hooenanny


Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel, song from The Sound of Music

Theodore Bikel With Judy Collins in Newport Festival in 1962 Greenland Whale Fisheries

On Top of Old Dreidel… or Dreidl Dreidl Dreidl

Here we see a combo medley of the Gelbart song “Dreidl, Dreidl, Dreidl” mixed with the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”. With text. (And a bit of “On top of Spaghetti, mixed in for,… well, fun,… and selling stuff to kids).

Nellie Casman song Recovered

Jane Peppler in North Carolina is continually on the lookout for Yiddish songs. She found this one in the Library of Congress (with the help of the Librarian, of course!). She decided to record it, and who knows… maybe it’s the first time.


A newly composed Chanukah song written as a response to some vandalism at the Northeastern campus. This is a video by students at NU and some of the neighboring campuses. Music in response … a wonderful way to say “we’re here”. And it’s a delightful song. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Neshama Carlebach on Broadway during Soul Doctor

Neshama Carlebach debuted in the Broadway production of Soul Doctor, a musical about the life of her father, Shlomo Carlebach.She wrote: “I had the honor of closing the evening, sharing a message of hope and joy and singing in his honor. Later that night, I performed with my band at a press
gathering/after party with Rev. Roger Hambrick and the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir. For me, the evening was a moment of deep liberation and victory. I made my Broadway debut, and was so happy and proud. I feel like I am still flying.”

Orthodox Singing Show –Men Only!

Tablet Magazine Online has an interesting article about the Orthodox community having a “kind of” American Idol show on Youtube. However, no one seems to have the stomach to do the criticism in the way that made that other show famous. Well, is that so bad? If you’re uncomfortable with that, How about reworking the premise to work within Jewish values?

Bruce Roter “Maoz Tzur”

Bruce Roter has written a new melody for the traditional text of “Maoz Tzur”. It is performed by the Westminster Conservatory Youth Chorale, conducted by Frank Abrahams. The Conservatory is located on the campus of Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. The Chorale has completed several projects including a Jewish music series which includes their Chanukah CD called “Celebrate Chanukah” which has contemporary music of Michael Isaacson, Joel Philips, Eric Contzius, Ronald Hemmel, Baruch Cohon and Allan E. Naplan.

Neshama Carlebach Sings Hatikvah with Inclusive Lyrics

Where but YouTube would you be able to hear a new version of a national anthem? The Forward newspaper asked Neshama Carlebach to sing Hatikvah, but not just any recording. The article was suggesting some new lyrics that could potentially be more inclusive to all Israelis of whatever creed, color or religion in a democratic society. This proposed change is not just for Arabs (not Palestinians, but Israeli Arabs), but also may resonate with other minorities now living in Israel including Christians, Bahai, Druze, Buddhists and peoples of other faiths and ethnic groups.

Neshama Carlebach, daughter of the late Shlomo Carlebach, took up the idea and has released a YouTube video with the suggested new and “old”-er texts. Of course the lyrics of this song “Hatikvah” have been changed before, and also those other famous Jewish songs, such as “Jerusalem of Gold.” Each time, these changes have come about due to changes in historic circumstances.…

Feidman’s 75th anniversary performance by Moussa Berlin

A few days ago, Moshe (Moussa) Berlin wrote this note:
“Some years ago, when playing the ceremony of 7th of Adar, at the tomb of
Rabi Shimeon in Meron,
There came a rumor that the famous composer and songwriter Naomi Shemer,
become ill. My thought at that time was what can I to help her in that
situation. (Meron is a place where people are praying, crying, asking their
requests for health, livelihood matchmaking etc’.) So I decided to play one
of her songs (Shirat Ha’asabim to words of R’ Nachman), and to combine it
with a Breslaver Nigun.
After I have done it (it was the first time in history that such song was
played in Meron) I was told that one of the Chassidim asked his friend
:”What is that tune?” and he was answered: “Oh, that is un alter nign”.…

Ya’alili by 8th Day

A chassidic duo blends pop with some instrumental elements of Sephardi music in this New York video taking place in a grocery store. Co-founded by brothers Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus, the duo has released 3 albums. 8th Day’s sound is complimented by their catchy lyrics (mostly English with some Hebrew and Yiddish mixed in) and their spirited vocal harmonies. The group will appear at the
Hofstra Playhouse
Motzei Shabbat, January 7 at 8pm.
at the John Cranford Adams Playhouse.
118 Hofstra University, Hemstead, NY.
for tix:

This YouTube video has over a million hits.

Ger Mandolin Orchestra

You’ll really enjoy listening to this sampler of the GMO, Ger Mandolin Orchestra.
You’ll probably recognize at least the first tune in this video. Enjoy!


Ger Mandolin Ensemble / 5-minute sampler – The Ger Mandolin Orchestra (GMO) is a memorial project of reviving the Jewish Mandolin Orchestra that was active in Gora Kalwaria,Poland between 1920 to 1930. Most of its members died in the Holocaust. Renowned mandolin artist Mike Marshall is the musical director of the ensemble that includes many of the best mandolin artists in the world. In addition to Mike Marshall, these include Avi Avital, Radim Zenkl, Jeff Warschauer, Eric Stein, Chris Acquavella, Dana Rath, Adam Roszkiewicz, Tim Connell, Sharon Gilchrist and Brian Oberlin.…

Yemen Blues

Track: At Vaani – Performed by the hot Israeli band
Yemen Blues in 2011 at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, California.
The band was founded by Ravid Kahlani. Idan Raichel appointed Ravid
to be a lead-singer in his successful Worldmusic project and Ravid
toured the world performing with the “The Idan Raichel Project”.

This group features:
Ravid Kahalani – Music & Lyrics, Vocals, Percussion, Gimbri
Omer Avital – Musical Director, Oud, Bass, Vocals
Reut Regev – Trombone
Itamar Borochov – Trumpet
Hadar Noiberg – Flute
Rony Iwryn – Latin Percussion
Yohai Cohen – Middle East Percussion
Hilla Epstain – Cello
Galia Hai – Viola

Speil un Tanz

Enjoy a piece from a concert held 1 September 2010 in Berlin.
Leon Gurvitch – Piano, Melodica
Frank London – Trumpet
Vladimir Karparov – Saxophon
Omar Rodriguez Calvo – Contrabass
Dimitris Christides – Drums