WHERE: Israel

Harp and Piano Concert June 17 in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mercredi 17 juin 2015. 20h. Rosh Hodesh Tamouz.
Projet “Shalom Lishmo” Rosh Hodesh Tamouz

Concert exceptionnel de Nehama REUBEN, concertiste virtuose et
compositeur à la Harpe Hébraïque et de Shimon REUBEN, concertiste virtuose
et compositeur au Piano Jazz, couple d’artistes de renommée mondiale.
20h. Buffet d’entrée. Présentation du projet “Shalom Lishmo” par Alexandra
Bennaim et Myriam Mettoudi. Salle Harmonia 27 rehov Hillel Jerusalem
Centre ville.Paf: 45 shReserv: 054 632 0313. ​​Nehama et Shimon REUBEN

Un couple unique au monde, uni dans la vie comme dans la musique concertistes
virtuoses internationaux et compositeurs

Harpe Hebraique et Piano Jazz specialisés en musiques juives et jazz dans
leurs propres improvisations et arrangements Nehama & Shimon REUBEN ont
fait l’alya de Paris et vivent a Jerusalem, apres 40 ans de carrière
musicale internationale…

Anat Fort in Jerusalem

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 23 2014, Anat Fort will be taking a trip to Jerusalem, to perform a project she’s been dreaming about for nearly ten years. Anat has arranged some of the most beautiful songs that were written by Natan Alterman and composed by Sasha Argov. Alterman is one of Israel’s most prominent poets, and Argov is one of its key musical figures. The show will feature a great team of players PLUS video art. Tickets are going fast…please join Anat tomorrow as this will be special!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 23rd at 9PM
W/Amos Hoffman-guitar and oud, Yorai Oron-bass, Shay Zelman-drums, Tamar Singer-video art and special guest-Daphne Armony-voice!
Beit Avi Chai
44 King George St.
For those of you who cannot make it, you can watch here LIVE here:

Harmony in the Holy Land

Harmony in the Holy Land
Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012
Doors: 7:30pm
Show: 8:30pm
Free Entry
Donations appreciated
18 Mesilat Yesharim, Beit Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

With performances by Diwansaz, hosting Mark Eliyahu and Poet Rabbi David Menachem.
With additional performances and prayers with renowned spiritual teacher/healer, Thomas Hubl, Aliza Hava, Pesach Dahvid Stadlin, and religious/spiritual leaders of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

This event is part of the Birth 2012 global broadcast of over 40 events worldwide celebrating unity in diversity and calling for a new era of spiritual ascension for humanity.

In the region of Jerusalem, a spiritual message was given and received by three great messengers, Abraham, Mohammed and Jesus. An open channel to the Divine emanates from here, and is the reason why the three monotheisms hold it sacred.…

Merkavah Ingathering Holy Sistas Drum Circle

14 Misgav Ladach (upstairs, brown gate) Old City, JAHrusalem 057-314-4821
8:30 pm – AUDELIA ZAGOURY: An acclaimed vocalist from Morocco & Spain, will be singing a medley of styles, some of which we’ll know & can sing/play along.

9: 15 pm – SHOSHANA RIVKA: performs original chizuk songs & leads us in the music JAM & Drum Circle w/ many women helping to share an exciting variety of drumming styles. Ladies are invited to also sing/play your own songs &http://www.jmwc.org/mt/mt.cgi?__mode=view&_type=entry&blog_id=1# do improvisation together, which is a def a beautiful way to celebrate!

Ramzailech- Live at the Ozen Bar

Sunday, January 1, 2012
Time 8:30pm until 10:00pm

אנחנו מגיעים לאוזן בר כחלק מסיבוב הופעות בארץ ובעולם.
הארדקור כלייזמר וגוד וייבס מובטחים יחד עם אורחים והמון המון שמחה.
בואו לחגוג איתנו את השנה החדשה!

ההופעה תתחיל בזמן – 20:30!

כרטיסים: 40 ש”ח בקופות, 30 ש”ח דרך אתר האוזן בר – www.third-ear.com

מוזמנים להפיץ את הבשורה ולהצטרף למשפחה לשאר עדכונים:

Rediscovering Joseph Achron

Monday, December 12, 2011
7:30pm until 9:30pm
Location: Conservative Yeshiva (in the Old Beit Midrash), 8 Agron Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Join us for pizza, music, and an exciting discussion on the important but forgotten musical legacy of Joseph Achron (1886-1943), one of the greatest composers of “Jewish Classical Music”, and the efforts of a young organization to bring his works back to the stage.

Free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Joseph Achron Society.

100 years ago, in December 1911, the brilliant young composer Joseph Achron wrote his first “Jewish” composition: “Hebrew Melody”, Op. 33 for violin and piano. From that moment on, Achron became one of the most significant leaders of a movement to compose “Jewish Classical Music”, a novel concept which had never before been developed.…

An at Fort in Tel Aviv

Sept 6th 1t 9:30PM
Shablul jazz Tel-Aviv

מועדון שבלול

האנגר 13 נמל תל-אביב
With David Friedman-vibes, Gilad Dobrecky-percussion.It’s a rare opportunity to hear David play in Israel. The group will be
playing original material by all three musicians.
*special discount if you mention you are on Anat’s mailing list!!!*

המועדון הקאמרי Рברוח יהודית

Wednesday, September 21 · 8:30pm Р10:00pm

◊î◊û◊®◊õ◊ñ ◊ú◊û◊ï◊°◊ô◊ß◊î ◊¢”◊© ◊§◊ú◊ô◊¶◊ô◊î ◊ë◊ú◊ï◊û◊†◊ò◊ú

ביאליק 26

תל אביב

קובי רובינשטיין Рכינור

נועה שריד Рכינור

גלעד הראל- קלרנית

גילי רדיאן- שדה Рויולה וכינור

◊î◊ú◊ú ◊¶◊®◊ô – ◊¶’◊ú◊ï

מיכל טל Рפסנתר

נתנאל גרינשטיין Рפסנתר

פרוקופייב Рפתיחה על נושאים יהודיים לקלרנית, רביעיית מיתרים ופסנתר
מיו Рסויטה לכינור, קלרנית ופסנתר
◊©◊ï◊ú◊û◊ô◊™ ◊®◊ü – ◊ì◊ï◊ê◊ï ◊ú◊ß◊ú◊®◊†◊ô◊™ ◊ï◊¶’◊ú◊ï
◊°◊ò◊ï◊¶’◊ë◊°◊ß◊ô – ◊û◊ô◊†◊ô ◊ì◊ï◊ê◊ò ◊ú◊õ◊ô◊†◊ï◊® ◊ï◊¶’◊ú◊ï

בלוך Рבעל שם
פאול בן Рחיים Рשירים ללא מלים
◊í’◊ï◊ü ◊ï◊ô◊ú◊ô◊ê◊û◊° – ◊°◊ï◊ô◊ò◊î ◊ú◊õ◊ô◊†◊ï◊® ◊ï◊§◊°◊†◊™◊® “◊®◊©◊ô◊û◊™ ◊©◊ô◊†◊ì◊ú◊®”

המועדון הקאמרי – ברוח יהודית

Wednesday, September 21 · 8:30pm – 10:00pm

המרכז למוסיקה ע”ש פליציה בלומנטל

ביאליק 26

תל אביב

קובי רובינשטיין – כינור

נועה שריד – כינור

גלעד הראל- קלרנית

גילי רדיאן- שדה – ויולה וכינור

הלל צרי – צ’לו

מיכל טל – פסנתר

נתנאל גרינשטיין – פסנתר

פרוקופייב – פתיחה על נושאים יהודיים לקלרנית, רביעיית מיתרים ופסנתר
מיו – סויטה לכינור, קלרנית ופסנתר
שולמית רן – דואו לקלרנית וצ’לו
סטוצ’בסקי – מיני דואט לכינור וצ’לו

בלוך – בעל שם
פאול בן – חיים – שירים ללא מלים
ג’ון ויליאמס – סויטה לכינור ופסנתר “רשימת שינדלר”

Kontzert Hapiyyut Hagadol קונצרט הפיוט הגדול

קונצרט הפיוט הגדול
Start Time: Tuesday, August 23 at 8:00pm
End Time: Tuesday, August 23 at 11:00pm
Location: ◊î◊ô◊õ◊ú ◊î◊™◊®◊ë◊ï◊™ ◊®◊ó’ ◊î◊û◊õ◊ë◊ô◊ù 5 ◊§◊™◊ó ◊™◊ß◊ï◊ï◊î

ענקי הפיוט בעולם לראשונה על במה אחת וביצירות חדשות

משה חבושה Рישראל

◊ì◊ï◊ì ◊©◊ô◊®◊ï – ◊ê◊®◊î”◊ë

ניהול מוסיקלי וניצוח: אריאל כהן

◊ë◊ú◊ô◊ï◊ï◊ô ◊î◊™◊ñ◊û◊ï◊®◊™ ◊î◊û◊ñ◊®◊ó◊ô◊™ ◊î◊ô◊©◊®◊ê◊ú◊ô◊™ ◊ï◊û◊ß◊î◊ú◊™ ◊î◊ó◊ñ◊†◊ô◊ù “◊©◊ô◊®◊î ◊ó◊ì◊©◊î”

◊õ◊®◊ò◊ô◊°◊ô◊ù ◊ë◊û◊õ◊ô◊®◊î ◊û◊ï◊ß◊ì◊û◊™ 50 ◊©”◊ó ◊ë◊ê◊í◊£ ◊ú◊™◊®◊ë◊ï◊™ ◊™◊ï◊®◊†◊ô◊™ 03-9052455, 073-7373866


Kontzert Hapiyyut Hagadol קונצרט הפיוט הגדול

קונצרט הפיוט הגדול
Start Time: Tuesday, August 23 at 8:00pm
End Time: Tuesday, August 23 at 11:00pm
Location: היכל התרבות רח’ המכבים 5 פתח תקווה

ענקי הפיוט בעולם לראשונה על במה אחת וביצירות חדשות

משה חבושה – ישראל

דוד שירו – ארה”ב

ניהול מוסיקלי וניצוח: אריאל כהן

בליווי התזמורת המזרחית הישראלית ומקהלת החזנים “שירה חדשה”

כרטיסים במכירה מוקדמת 50 ש”ח באגף לתרבות תורנית 03-9052455, 073-7373866


Different Trains by Steve Reich Performances in Jerusalem

A masterpiece by America’s greatest living composer Steve Reich
The Fleshquartet, part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture Series

When was the last time that a musical performance really took you to a different place? Different Trains, Steve Reich’s timeless Grammy Award- winning composition is making its way, as we write, to the Kishle (a former Ottomon prison) at the Tower of David Museum, where Stockholm’s very own Jewish Theatre will perform a fascinating visual interpretation of his work. Join us for a riveting and unique audio-visual experience.

Now thru July 21 For ticket Information:
The performances will premier on June 30 and will continue to July 21, running from Monday-Thursday and Saturday. Please book in advance:
Tower of David Museum *2884
Bimot *6226
Entrance to the show involves a walk in the castle moat the stairs.…

Yemen Blues


Track: At Vaani – Performed by the hot Israeli band
Yemen Blues in 2011 at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, California.
The band was founded by Ravid Kahlani. Idan Raichel appointed Ravid
to be a lead-singer in his successful Worldmusic project and Ravid
toured the world performing with the “The Idan Raichel Project”.

This group features:
Ravid Kahalani – Music & Lyrics, Vocals, Percussion, Gimbri
Omer Avital – Musical Director, Oud, Bass, Vocals
Reut Regev – Trombone
Itamar Borochov – Trumpet
Hadar Noiberg – Flute
Rony Iwryn – Latin Percussion
Yohai Cohen – Middle East Percussion
Hilla Epstain – Cello
Galia Hai – Viola


Saturday, May 28 · 9:00pm – 11:30pm
בית שמואל
World Union for Progressive Judaism
Jerusalem, Israel
Created By
סווינג דה ג’יטאן – הופעות, Pavel Levin, Oren Sagi
More Info
וידאו מהחזרה למופע- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeQjLkHOA44

מופע בכורה פסטיבל האביב 2011

שבת, 28.05.11 21:00 בית שמואל – ירושלים – 02-6203463

Lights of Fire

Lights of Fire
Start Time: Monday, November 8 at 8:00pm
Location: Heichal Shlomo
58 King George St
Jerusalem, Israel
KOL MEODECHA- Yiskah Sarah Petit, and Michal Yardeni
MORAN SABBAH, Rock/ Pop Singer/ Songwriter
DELIA SPIERS, Soul Singer/ Songwriter- Visiting from England
Doors open at 7:45.
Show Starts Promptly at 8:30
60NIS at the Door
50NIS in advance

ANNIE ORENSTEIN: 054-632-3066
ROCHEL GRUNDMAN: 052-760-4911

Yiddish Song Workshop at Felicja Blumental Music Centre Tel Aviv

The Yiddish Song Workshop‚ under the direction of Nekhama Lifshitz‚ is now admitting new singers. For details please contact Regina (0547621628) or Udi (0542026242). The workshop was founded 12 years ago by Nekhama Lifshitz‚ queen of Yiddish song. The aims of the workshop are to preserve Eastern European culture in general and Yiddish language and song in particular. Weekly workshop lessons are conducted privately by pianist and coach Regina Dricker‚ Nekhama’s right hand for many years. The lessons include voice training and study of Yiddish language and culture through the songs. Every year the workshop presents a number of song evenings or shows based upon different themes. Some of the performances‚ such as the evening dedicated to the Holocaust‚ are held throughout the country. This past year‚ which was dedicated to Yiddish poet Itsik Manger‚ we put on performances of ”The Megilah” [The Purimspiel] as well as a concert of Manger’s poetry and songs.…

Yiddish concert in Tel Aviv

Yiddish Concert in Tel Aviv this Saturday, December 26, 2009
at 9:30pm.
Lenka Lichtenberg writes: “Hi! If you happen to be in Israel this week – you know where to find
some fine new Yiddish music! Daniel Hoffman on violin, Kinneret Sagee on clarinet, Alexis Basque
on trumpet… good stuff!

Event: Yiddish concert in Tel Aviv this Saturday, December 26, 9:30pm
“Lenka Lichtenberg (voice, piano), Daniel Hoffman (violin), Kinneret Sagee
(clarinet), Alexis Basque (trumpet).”
Where: Cultural Center in Bet Ariela
Street: Shaul Hamelekh 25
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Habrera Hativeet at Zappa Herzliya

Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Time: 8:30pm – 11:50pm
הרצליה, רח’ מדינת היהודים 85

הברירה הטבעית – חוגגים 30 שנה בזאפה הרצליה
ממשיכים את הסדרה והפעם אורחת : מירי מסיקה

Habrera Hativeet – Zappa Herzliya with special guest : Miri Mesika

Ayelet and Anat in Petach Tiqua

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb
Ayelet and Anat (& surprise guests) in an intimate concert
part of “Presented by Ofer Portugali” Concert Series
Thursday, November 26, 2009
Time: 9:00pm – 11:00pm
at Beit Shapira, 20 Herzl Street, Petach Tiqua
Phone: 03-905-2349

Original compositions and improvised music…
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb and Anat Fort
to hear tracks from Ayelet’s new album – please visit:


New CD Release: Ya’ale is for sale through CDBaby – http://cdbaby.com/cd/shainaettel

With Ya’ale, her first solo recording, Shaina Ettel expresses her love of Torah and song. She brings a fresh approach to traditional Jewish music. She captures the heart and soul of Chabad niggunim. The songs are powerful . The CD comes with
an 8 page insert with text in English and Hebrew. Shaina Ettel’s voice has an “ethereal” quality and has been compared to Judy Collins, or Sarah Brightman. This CD, consists of 13 selections with
Shaina Ettel accompanied by both piano and full orchestration.

Shaina Ettel grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York. She is a professionally trained
vocalist, and has performed in many concerts and shows. She made Aliyah 2½ years
ago and presently lives in the picturesque Nachlaot neighborhood.…

Women’s Music Festival in Jerusalem

The Women’s Music Festival, featuring various styles of music from western (American influenced) to middle-eastern music will be held Monday August 13, Rosh Chodesh Elul
Time: 8:30 PM
Place: Pargod, 2 Nissim Bachar St. corner of 94 Betzelel St. Jerusalem
Admission: 30 NIS

*Artists CDs will be sold
*Hot drinks provided

Clarinets in Safed this Summer

Looking for something great to do in Israel this summer? If you are a clarinetist you can find the perfect way to learn, have fun, and play great music. The 4th annual celebration of classical, jazz and klezmer music is once again being led in the old city of Safed by Giora Feidman. Experience instruction, master classes and performances from August 6-13 in Safed, Israel. For details, see the http://www.jmwc.org/pdf/KlezmerinSafedAugust07.pdfflyer (it’s a pdf file so you need Adobe Acrobat to open).


On 25 March, 2007, in the advent of Yom HaShoah veHaG’vurah, the Felicia Blumenthal Music Center in Tel-Aviv will present a concert of art songs by Arie Ben Erez Abrahamson (1904-1992). Composed before his deportation, during his imprisonment in the concentration camps of Vichy France, and after his escape from his captors, the music is set to texts of Yiddish and Hebrew poets such as Sutzkewer, Reisen, Rosenfeld, Kipnis, Bialik, and Tschernchowsky. The songs give expression to manifold aspects of Jewish life in the Diaspora, the anxieties of survival, and joy in the renaissance of national Jewish life in the old new homeland. Born in the former Czechoslovakia, Arie Ben Erez Abrahamson’s creative process was nourished by the musical traditions of the former Austro-Hungary and the ancient modes of Jewish liturgy.…

Marty Ehrlich Trio in Tel Aviv

The Marty Ehrlich Trio will play at the Performing Arts Center in Tel Aviv on January 19 at 10 p.m.
Ehrlich, an American wind player is known for his eclectic jazz style. Israeli saxophonist Albert Beger will also appear as a guest of the Trio. Ehrlich’s music is influenced not only by jazz, but by traditional Jewish music he heard as a kid in the US as well as American folk, pop, rock.

Ruth and Naomi Raise Your Spirits in Israel

On stage in Alon Shvut, Gush Etzion, Israel is the season’s newest SMASH
HIT musical production – RUTH & NAOMI in the Fields of Bethlehem.

RUTH & NAOMI is the fourth production of the Efrat/Gush Etzion Raise Your Spirits
Summer Stock Festival. It follows Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “JOSEPH & The Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat” and two other original musicals, “ESTHER & The Secrets in The
King’s Court” and “NOAH! Ride the Wave!” “ESTHER,” “NOAH!” and “RUTH & NAOMI” were
all written by the team of Arlene Chertoff, Toby Klein Greenwald and Sharon Katz.
The music for “RUTH & NAOMI” was composed by Mitch Clyman.

Raise Your Spirits has already performed for more than 20,000 women and raised more
than 400,000 NIS for charity.

This year’s production is totally sold out until the middle of November, but tickets
are still available for November 20th and November 30th.…

‘Ud & Piyyut 2006 The Legacy of Asher Mizrahi

This year’s Ud U’fiyyut (a co-production of the JMRC and the Confederation House in Jerusalem, in the framework of the International ‘Ud Festival Jerusalem, 2006) bears the title:
Mi-qeddem U-miyyam: The Legacy of Asher Mizrahi

This concert is dedicated to the work of Asher Mizrahi – poet, musician, composer, artist and a teacher of Hebrew and music – who was born in Jerusalem in 1890, lived more than 40 years in Tunisia, and died in Jerusalem in 1967. Mizrahi wrote songs in Ladino, Hebrew Piyyutim of longing to Zion, as well as Arab-Tunisian songs, performed in the 1930′ and 1940′ by the most prominent musicians of his time, both Jews and Arabs.

The ‘Ud Ufiyyut series, initiated by the Jewish Music Research Centre at the Hebrew University, together with the Confederation House in Jerusalem as part of the International ‘Us Festival, Jerusalem, is meant to bring closer the academia and the stage.…

MUSICA ANTIGUA DE EDUARDO PANIAGUA playing around Canada this Fall

MUSICA ANTIGUA DE EDUARDO PANIAGUA, a group dealing with Spanish medieval music, will perform soon in Canada. On October 26th at the Outaouais Festival de Musiques Sacrées with the program “Three Cultures (Jewish’, Muslim’ and Christiian’ Spanish medieval music and song)”. and on Oct. 28th
at the Quebec Festival de Musiques Sacrées with the program “Sefarad in Al-Andalus
(music and poetry from Hispano-Jewish Golden Age)”.

On November 4th the group will play the
“Three Cultures” program at Givatayim Theater (Tel-Aviv, Israel), and on Nov 6th at
the Jerusalem International Oud Festival, with the program “The Andalusian Oud”.

On Nov 22th the group travels to Germany where they will present “Sefarad in Al-Andalus” at the Cervantes Institute of Munich, as part of thehttp://www.istc.org/sisp/index.htm?fx=event&event_id=99752 “Jüdische Kulturtage”.
Contact Klezmer Sefardi.…

Ensemble Meitar Summer Concerts

Amit Dolberg, pianist and the founder of the international ensemble for Israeli Contemporary Music and Jewish Clasical Music, Ensemble Meitar, announces some of their upcoming concerts.
22.6.2006 – ‘White Night’ Festival, Einav Center, Tel Aviv
1.7.2006 – Michelstadt, Germany
8.7.2006 – ‘New Sounds’, Israeli Composers League, Einav Center, Tel Aviv
For details, locations and times, see their websitehttp://www.meitar.net/eng_index.php

21st Zimriya World Assembly of Choirs in Israel

It’s a ways away… in July 30-August 9, 2007, but your group may be interested in preparing now for the World Assembly of Choirs in Israel. to be held on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel. Well known conductors will lead the workshops. The Zimriya, which was found in 1952, takes place every 3 years. There are choirs expected to attend from all over the world. You can express an interest in attending by September 15, 2006, or find out more information by contacting harzimco@netvision.net.il or writing to ZIMRIYA, 4, Aharonowitz Street, Tel Aviv 63 566, Israel or visit the website at www.zimriya.org.il. Individual singers age 18-35 interested in attending the international choir workshop and concert conducted by Michael Gohl (Switzerland) can contact michael.gohl@bluewin.ch

Devora Gila in Concert

Devora Gila presents a benefit concert for Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin
Saturday night, April 8 at 8:15pm
Bat Ayin, Gush Etzion
Also featuring Guest Choreographer/Dancer Yocheved Polanski from Cli Institute of Dance, A Judaic Dance and Arts Program for Women and Girls (Ohio, USA)
Donation requested: 15 NIS

Arie Ben Erez Abrahamson Concert on Israel Radio and in Jerusalem

A concert of the Yiddish and Hebrew art songs of Arie Ben Erez Abrahamson will be performed as part of the Etnachta series of classic music organized by Hayuta Dvir. It will be broadcast live on Kol HaMusica by the Israel Broadcasting Authority from the Henry Crown Symphony Hall in Jerusalem, 20 David Marcus St.(Located near the corner of Chopin, in the Rehavia District near the president’s house) The concert and broadcast are scheduled for April 16, 2007 at 5:00 pm. The Etnacha Concert Series performances are free; call tel. 02/561-7167 for schedule information.

An additional concert of works Arie Abrahamson is scheduled for Motzeh Yom HaShoah, 25 April, 2006 at 8:00 pm at the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem .
13 King David Street, Jerusalem, Israel 94101, (02) 620-3333, fax (02) 625-1478
Directions: http://www.huc.edu/libraries/jerusalem/map.html

Ruth Levin’s new Yiddish music anthology

Ruth Levin has produced Word and Melody, an anthology of music to Yiddish poetry by her father, published by I.L. Peretz Publications. The anthology – with texts in Yiddish, English and Hebrew — was launched in Tel Aviv this past weekend. Reminiscences and performances were provided by Alexei Blausov, Regina Drukker, Benny Hendel, Melech Ziv, Prof. Zvi Yavetz, Vera Levinski, Ella Levin, Lev Levin, Ruth Levin, Nechama Lifshitz, Arye Lish, Avishai Fish and Moti Shmit. The anthology contains 49 melodies to songs by 21 Yiddish poets as well photographs and drawings, piano arrangements by Hanan Winternitz, and a preface and epilogue written by Ruth Levin.

International Klezmer Celebration in Safed in July

Classical, Jazz and Klezmer clarinetists from all over the world will meet in Safed, Israel, during the week of July 2-9, 2006 for instruction and concerts. .Master classes will be offered in classical and jazz clarinet and in klezmer style for all instruments. Classes will take place at various sites around the city of Sared. Nightly performances from students with a Gala Final Concert, coinciding with the 19th Annual Safed Klezmer Festival July 9-11. The full program is at www.zhr.info. The artistic director of the week of classes is Giora Feidman. A pdf announcement can be read by clicking here

Women helping Women in Jerusalem

Women helping Women Fundraiser Dec 18 @ HINENI
Please join me for a wonderful musical evening on Sunday December 18th.
With: Female Vocalist Niriya from Holland, Female Klezmer Group “Alei Assor” incl. Rachel Ferency – Piano, Sarah Leah Phares – clarinet, and Tirtza Chamberlain – violin
TIME: 19.30 – 22.00 (hall open at 19.00)
LOCATION: HINENI Jerusalem (for info www.hinenijerusalem.org)
ADDRESS: 2 Frumkin St. (accross Zion Square) Tel.: 02-624-3407
FEE: 15 NIS Donation suggestion
[Proceeds go to our Friend Rivka battling cancer and medical bills.]

Oh, Lovely Parrot! – Jewish Women’s Songs from Kerala

A New CD was released by The Jewish Music Research Centre in Jerusalem on the music of the Jewish women of Cochin, India. For centuries, the Jewish women of Cochin have been singing Jewish songs in the Malayalam language of Kerala, their ancient homeland on the tropical southwest coast of India.
Here’s the info to buy it and more descriptions below:
Title: Oh, Lovely Parrot! – Jewish Women’s Songs from Kerala
Editor(s): Barbara C. Johnson
Publisher: The Jewish Music Research Centre, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Place: Jerusalem
First Edition Year: 2004
Language: Malayalam
Tradition: Cochin
Country: India
Category: Folk Songs
Price: NIS 60 / $ 20
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22nd Arad Hebrew Song Festival

This Week! Aug. 2-4.
Many of Israels best singers and choral groups will be
performing at Arad and at Metzada. These include David Broza, Gidi Gov,
Matti Caspi, Danny Sanderson, Yizhar Cohen, Shalom Chanoch, Avihu Medina,
Margalit Tzanani, and the list goes on and on. Some of the free events include a midnight concert dedicated to Naomi Shemer with Shuly Natan, the Gevatron singers, and others.

For details check out the following URL (in Hebrew):