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College Music Society

“The College Music Society promotes music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction. A consortium of college, conservatory, university, and independent musicians and scholars interested in all disciplines of music, the Society provides leadership and serves as an agent of change by addressing concerns facing music in higher education.”

Digital Resources for Musicology

“This website provides links to substantial open-access projects of use to musicians and musicologists. With a burgeoning number of digital resources available, remembering titles of sites and pathways to them can be difficult. Digital Resources in Musicology (DRM) is organized topically and provides a rapid search tool for specialties within heterogeneous collections. Neither the links nor their descriptions are exhaustive.”

NEDCC (Northeast Document Conservation Center)

“Founded in 1973, NEDCC is the first independent conservation laboratory in the nation to specialize exclusively in treating collections made of paper or parchment, such as works of art, photographs, books, maps, manuscripts, and more. The Center
offers conservation treatment, digital imaging, and audio preservation services, as well as training, consultations, and  disaster advice for collections.”

New York

Binyumen (“Ben”) Schaechter will be performing this weekend at Carnegie Hall ! The show is called The Best of Anna Deavere Smith and is part of the opening weekend of festivities and performances to usher in the brand new 650-seat “jewel” Zankel Hall. Ben has been asked to be onstage to provide simultaneous Yiddish translation for two of her monologues, alternating lines and passages with Anna.

When: Saturday evening, September 13, 2003, 7:00 PM
Where: Zankel Hall, Seventh Avenue, between 56 and 57 Sts, NYC

Zamir Choral Foundation, Inc

The Zamir Choral Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion, advancement and perpetuation of the Jewish people through the music of its people, specifically Jewish choral music. Originally founded as an individual choir in 1960, the Zamir Chorale sparked a renewal of the Jewish choral movement, and the creation of several choirs with similar goals. Zamir, as a choral foundation, now provides unique leadership in the sustenance, development and advancement of the Jewish choral tradition in North America. The website contains information on the annual choral festival held each year.

Book Center of the Workman’s Circle/Arbeter Ring

“The Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring, dedicated to fostering Jewish identity and participation in Jewish life, among its members through Jewish, especially Yiddish, culture and education, friendship, mutual aid and the pursuit of social and economic justice.”  The Jewish Workmen’s Circle sponsors concerts of Yiddish and other Jewish music. They also publish CDs, films and videos with music in Yiddish and English. The Book Center sells songbooks and CDs in Yiddish and of themtic concern to Arbeter Ring.

The Jewish Music Institute

“The Jewish Music Institute, formerly the Jewish Music Heritage Trust is a leading promoter of Jewish music in Britain. Since its work began, in 1983, the organization has gained recognition on the concert platform, in education and in community relations. The Institute encourages musicians, composers and scholars who are today rediscovering and extending the Jewish repertoire and helping to reveal the role Jewish traditions have played in the history of music.” The website links to their YouTube channel and facebook sites.

Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles

With uptodate news and twitter feed, this website is current to the mission of the commission to Los Angeles. “Since 1982, creating new opportunities for the performance of Jewish music, encouraging and educating composers to write new Jewish music, and bringing Jewish music to new audiences.” and the sponsoring the Jewish Creative Arts Festival and the Max Helfman Institute.

The Guild of Temple Musicians

The Guild of Temple Musicians is an educational and networking organization for synagogue musicians, affiliated with the American Conference of Cantors. It publishes a newsletter and offers workshops for members, as well as an annual convention. The Guild sponsors the Young Composer’s Award for the creation of serious works of Jewish music suitable for worship and/or the concert stage. In addtion, with the American Conference of Cantors, the Guild also runs the Generation to Generation Award to encourage High School musicians to create new works of music. The president for the 2010-2011 term is Aryell Cohen. He is the contact person at the address and phone below.

The Guild of Temple Musicians
5301 Balboa Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316

German Klezmer Page

The Klezmer-gesellschaft e.V. is a union of artistic amateurs, semiprofessional and professional musicians as well as friends and patrons of mutual cultural and artistic concerns. The klezmer-gesellschaft endeavours to take up and to support actual and traditional musical styles of different cultures. The klezmer-gesellschaft e.v. has been founded in 1990 in Berlin as a non-profit society. World famous clarinetist Giora Feidman is one of approx. 150 members. The page offers record reviews, links to webpages of musical groups, radio programs, and audio samples.

Union for Reform Judaism

The Union for Reform Judaism, founded in 1873 as the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, publishes music and supplies needed educational materials to over 900 congregations and individuals throughout the world. It helps coordinate programs and activities for the Reform movement’s synagogue arm, including training for musicians, publication of music, festivals and events, consultation and education for accessing musical materials for congregations.

AMJ: L’Association Amis de la Musique Juive

L’Association AMJ: Les Amis de la Musique Juive –Friends of Jewish Music in Geneva, Switzerland sponsor exhibits, concerts, lectures, debates and music workshops. The organization’s goals are to share the breadth and depth of Jewish music with a larger audience. Events are open to all, but members get a discount on ticket prices. The types of music sponsored include liturgical, vocal and instrumental, operetta, popular songs, Israeli, and theater music. Their website is offered in English, French and German.

American Society for Jewish Music

ASJM is a non-profit organization for all interested in Jewish music. Members include cantors, composers, educators, musicologists, ethnomusicologists, historians, performers, librarians and others interested in the field. Organizational memberships include libraries, universities, and synagogues. The Society presents a series of musical programs covering a wide range of Jewish music: sacred, secular, folk, concert and theater, often held at the Center for Jewish History in New York City. The Society also arranges and presents lectures on Jewish music by experts in their field. The American Society for Jewish Music publishes Musica Judaica, a scholarly journal in Jewish music. A quarterly Newsletter is also distributed to members. To encourage new compositions and performances, the Society established the Cantor Aaron J. Caplow Composition Competition which awards prizes for new Jewish works and assures their performance in the Society’s Annual Contemporary Composers’ Concert.…

Navigating the Bible II

Thanks to ORT, there is the Online Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor. The entire Torah, and Haftorah sections, verse by verse, are available online with sound files, Hebrew with trop, and Hebrew text as it appears in a tikkun to practice. The English translation and transliteration appear next to each text. The site is also divided by traditional reading sections of the Jewish Torah service and cycle. A section on “singing” allows the reader to learn the trop with sound files, Western notation and highlighted Hebrew text. This is a complete site for learning to chant Torah portions.

Women Cantor’s Network

“The WCN… is an open resource to any working, aspiring, or retired woman cantor who enjoys sharing, learning, singing and praying as a unique community. The WCN supports each other in struggles and to celebrate our accomplishments. WCN has grown into a membership of over 300 women and men from the U.S. and Canada. Lists the purposes of the cantor’s network and information about their conferences. Contact information on the website

Ministres Officiants D’Alsace-Lorraine

French website on famous cantors of the region, with history, pictures and some sound clips. In 2001, Michel Heymann, cantor in Luxembourg was name President of l’Association Europienne des Ministres Officiants, an organization which specializes in Jewish liturgy for the eastern part of France and surrounding areas. Sound clips include various elements in the Ashkenaz tradition from different holidays.

Hebrew College. Jewish Music Institute (JMI)& Cantor-Educator Program.

“Designed to prepare cantors who are educator-scholars as well as spiritual leaders, Hebrew College’s Cantor-Educator Program combines coursework leading to both a Master of Jewish Education (MJEd) and Cantorial Ordination within a transdenominational setting.” Hebrew College’s program started as an accredited school with Masters and Doctoral programs in Judaic Studies and Education and 10 years ago opened the Jewish Music Institute where both para-professional and professional cantor-educators are trained. The first graduating class of Hazzanim was 2006. The Jewish Music Institute (JMI) supports “educators, cantorial soloists and other interested students” to “engage the world of Jewish music through the academic courses and certificate programs. Courses range from a historical survey of Jewish music to cantorial recitatives for the Sabbath and High Holidays, from Ashkenazic prayer chant to Yiddish and Klezmer music performance styles.” In addition to materials for the study of Jewish education and general Jewish studies, the Gann Library of Hebrew College, now houses the New England division of the American Jewish Historical Society.…

Virtual Cantor

The complete cycle of nusach for worship are here, online, and for free. Broken down into individual pieces, there are 725 different tracks to cover not only Shabbat, but the entire weekday, festival and high holiday services. If you are a person who needs to learn the nusach to lead a service, this is THE place. It’s a completely easy way to find the exact passage in the siddur and follow along. Highly Recommended.

Stephanie Shore’s Torah Cycle

American. Cantor. songwriter. Born into a musical family with mother Rita Shore and father Ira Shore. BA Florida International University. Recorded CDs “My Soul” and “Quiet Time”. Has a Purim Spiel website where various spiels can be viewed, listened to or purchased. Served as a cantor for Hillel in Miami, Florida. Currently cantor at Congregation B’nai Israel in Boca Raton, Florida. Member of the Guild of Temple Musicians, the Cantor’s Association of Florida and the Women’s Cantors Network. Her website has a unique cantorial teaching area with Torah portions(broken down into a triennial cycle) and various prayers and blessings. Learners can listen to these various items online. Her website features a biography, a list of recordings and a link to the Congregation B’nai Israel website.…

Nusach Radio

Nusach can be heard at 11am and 10pm eastern time. It is a show “dedicated to the art of the chazzanut both classical and modern.” Host is Winston Weilheimer.Nusach Radio features three channels on Included is a radio show for children. They feature 24 hour Internet radio programming in religious music, including a show of classical cantorial music on Thursdays and Sundays.

Multi-media Seder Hazanoet

A Dutch website with excerpts of cantorial singing in the Dutch tradition, the Western Sefardic Music Tradition. According to Barry Mehler, the musical director of Santo Serviço (Portuguese Synagogue Choir), the melody of Mizmor leDavid was composed on commission for the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam just after the turn of the (20th) century by Victor Schlesinger.

Leynen in the Fast Lane

by Hazzan Jack Kessler. A book-and-cd package designed as an easy-access method to fluid Torah chant. The method begins with the trop sung as a niggun to become grounded in the melody before engaging the ‘nuts and bolts’ of trop signs, and continues with many practice examples from Torah.

Nusach CDs: Nusach Ha-Tefilla is the collection of traditional nusach for the entire Jewish liturgical year by Hazzan Jack Kessler. The recordings combine the basic melodic material, sung in a straight-ahead, non-florid way in the appropriate mood for each service, with a wide range of havurah-style melodies for group participation. The series may be purchased in holiday blocks. Hazzan Kessler may be reached at or 215-849-9227.

Chanting the Hebrew Bible: The Complete Guide to the Art of Cantillation

by Joshua R. Jacobson. A thorough handbook devoted to learning Torah chant to “leyenen” Torah. See the JMWC Review. “Joshua Jacobson’s masterpiece — the comprehensive 1000-page guide to cantillation — is now available in this condensed, 300-page, user-friendly paperback edition. It is an ideal instructional guide for adult and young-adult students of Torah, for b’nai mitzvah students; and for cantors, rabbis, and Jewish educators of all denominations.” For information on this student verison of CHB available from Jewish Ppublication Society.

Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Cantorial training: Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal has a learning program. The program, directed by Hazzan Jack Kessler, includes the full range of traditional nusach and stresses making tradition relevant in our time through the power of music and service leading skills. Also please go and click on ‘Davenning Leaders Training Institute’ under “Training Institute”, a required part of the Aleph program.

Chazzanut Online

A very comprehensive website about chazzanut, from Irwin Oppenheim in the Netherlands. This site has many features, including biographical materials on major cantors, notated nusach, a discography, a list of online archives and directories, but also a very important historic collection of scanned documents and manuscripts of famous cantors. Articles can be in German, Dutch or English. Yossele Rosenblatt’s Recitatives, Sam Englander Piano Arrangements, Isaac Heymann’sPsalms, and more.

Transcontinental Music

“Transcontinental Music Publications/New Jewish Music Press, the music publishing arm of the Reform movement, publishes a wide variety of musical materials for synagogue and home use. Since it is the largest publisher of Jewish choral music in the world, it serves as the single most important resource for all community groups such as schools, universities,churches, and libraries.” Catalog is now online. The Transcontinental catalog is also distributing music from the Cantors Assembly (Conservative). Ordering information included at site.
URJ Books & Music
633 Third Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10017-6778
Telephone: 212-650-4120
Fax: 212-650-4119

Tara Publications

The Tara Publications website. Tara Publications is both a publisher and distributor of Jewish music of all genres. Their website includes access descriptions of scores, books and sound recordings. An extensive list of excerpts from recordings are available using Real Audio. The site includes a collection of brief biographical sketches of artists and composers of materials they are selling. Their page links to websites of active recording and performance artists and groups.

Or-Tav Music Publications

Publishers of music from over 100 Israeli composers. Also the site of the Israel Brass Woodwind Publications.Or-Tav is an independent publisher. “…publications include original compositions, arrangements of classical works, ethnic and educational music, collections of Israeli songs, and books on musical topics.” Founded by Bruno Reinhardt. “Israel’s leading independent music publisher, specializing in music for solo instruments, ensembles, voice, and choir.”

Jewish Music Distribution -UK

Jewish Music Distribution, with help from Noa Lachman, has an extensive catalogue of recordings in cd and cassette tape formats as well as sheet music. Their catalogue covers contemporary, klezmer, classical Jewish, Yiddish, religious, Israeli, holiday, Russian, Ladino and so on. They have unique and extensive numbers of materials by British Jewish artists, composers and performing groups. Especially nice is the number of materials for easy piano and other instrumental arrangements for children to become exposed to this music.
Call us free on 0800 7811 686
or on +44 (0)1323 832863 between 0830am and 6pm UK time or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
click to email
Jewish Music Distribution UK
PO Box 67, Hailsham BN27 4UW, UK
Free Phone: 0800 7811 686
or Tel/Fax +44 (0)1323 832863
and for a local call in the USA dial: 1-508-2753741

Israel Music Institute

The Israel Music Insitute (IMI) is a publicly owned publishing house. It is a non-profit organization run by the Israel Ministry of Education and Culture. IMI owns the copyright to some 1700 works, by more than 160 Israeli composers. The IMI catalogue contains orchestra, chamber and choral works. The IMI also serves as the Israel Music Information Centre. The web presentation includes catalogues, including forthcoming publications, and a composers gallery which provides brief biographical sketches of composers and a listing of their compositions.

Das Europäische Zentrum für Jüdische Musik

Hannover, Germany. Das Europäische Zentrum für Jüdische Musik, under the direction of Andor Izsák, hopes to reconstruct and document the music of the synagogues that were lost during the time of WWII. Much of the Jewish cantorial, organ music and composers are unknown to most people today in Germany. The Center’s mission is to increase awareness and knowledge. The Center will search after documents, present concerts and sponsor festivals and symposia, and publish music.

ECS Publishing –Jewish Choral Music

Dr. Stanley Hoffman, Chief Editor at ECS publishing, has considerably enlarged a Jewish choral composition catalogue at ECS. The catalogue is growing and is available online. ECS Publishing is the parent company of E. C. Schirmer Music Company, Galaxy Music Corporation, Highgate Press, Ione Press, and the record label, ARSIS Audio. ECS incorporated in 1993 in Boston, Massachusetts. ECS Publishing is the exclusive American distributer for Édition Delrieu, Gaudia Music and Arts, Vireo Press, Dunstan House, and Randol Bass Music. ECS is also a non-exclusive distributor of many Stainer and Bell Ltd. products. E. C. Schirmer Music Company remains one of a few American independent classical music publishers in business today.

Mizrachi, Alberto

Alberto Mizrachi is now a world famous cantor and premiere interpreter of Jewish song. He’s often called the “Jewish Pavarotti”. He is cantor at Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago. He concertizes all over the world, sings in nine languages, and has appeared in most of the major venues of the world. He’s recorded with the Milken project, been on PBS, and appeared in large concert stages. I first met the cantor, (then known as Abraham Mizrachi), in Cincinnati, as a graduate student when he hired me to be a song leader in a part time job at a local temple where he was cantor. It was there he gave me a gift set of the Coopersmith books The Songs We Sing and The More Songs We Sing and said “here, learn these”.…

Miller, Benzion

Cantor Miller’s singing career began at age five, singing at many public gatherings, such as “Melave Malka” gatherings, Bar Mitzvahs and other Jewish functions. He acted as head soloist in the Yeshiva Choir and in solo performances. At the age of 18 Cantor Miller accepted the position as Cantor at the Hillside Jewish Center in Hillside, NJ. Benzion Miller is a graduate of Bobover Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY and the Bobover Yeshiva Kedushat Zion in Bat Yam, Israel. He received his basic knowledge and training in the art of Chazzanut under the guidance of his father, the very popular Cantor and Mohel, Reb Aaron Miller. Cantor Miller studied Music Theory and Solfege under Cantor Samuel B. Taube of Montreal. He studied voice production at the Champagne School for Music in Montreal and with Dr.…

Cantor Nathan Lam

Born in Los Angeles. Studied cantorial music under Allan Michelson. By age 16, he started leading services for High Holy Days. Cantor Lam holds an Honora Causa from the Jewish Theological Seminary. As the cantor at Midway Jewish Center in New York City, he began commissioning new musical works. In 1976, Cantor Lam assumed his post at Stephen S. Wise Temple. Cantor Nathan Lam has led Stephen S. Wise Temple for over 25 years, and heads the Academy for Jewish Religion s cantorial school. Brad Sherman honored Cantor Lam as having “performed in concerts across the world, appeared on television both nationally and internationally, performed opera and sung his vast Jewish repertoire in a multitude of public appearances. He has released a number of recordings, including `Legacy,’ which represents a landmark collaboration between the talents of the National Symphony of Israel and the kind of Jewish musical innovation exemplified by Cantor Lam, and other well known composers.…

Kaye, Cantor Brett

Australian. “Soloist, Musical Director and Choirmaster for the Melbourne Jewish Male Voice Choir Brett Kaye discovered his love for Jewish music at the age of 6, when he joined the Great Synagogue Choir in Durban South Africa. Ten years later, he succeeded his father as conductor of the choir, a position he held until his immigration to Melbourne in 1993. On arrival in Melbourne Brett took up the position of Musical Director of both the North Eastern Synagogue Choir and the Keren Or Choir. It was at this time that Brett commenced his formal training in operatic studies, which culminated in him winning the coveted “Lygon Street Festa Best New Voice of the Year” award sponsorship, by the then Victorian State Opera His prize was a ticket and scholarship to study opera in Italy and London.…

Halfon, Daniel

Cantor specializing in the Portuguese and Spanish traditions. Cantor Halfon is currently recording a set of two compact discs for a co-production of the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam and Beth Hatefutsoth – The Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, Tel Aviv . His website includes clips of the classically trained baritone. Cantor Halfon is familiar with the New York, Amsterdam, London and Yerushalmi versions of the Portuguese and Spanish liturgical musics.

Tara Publications Virtual Listening Station

The Virtual Listening Station is an extensive list of excerpts from recordings using Real Audio. Tara Publications is both a publisher and distributor of Jewish music of all genres. Their website includes access descriptions of scores, books and sound recordings. Their page links to websites of active recording and performance artists and groups, and  includes brief biographical sketches of artists and composers.


Israel at Eurovision. A website about the KdamEurovision Song Contest, a yearly music contest held in Israel for popular music. The top winners go on to the Eurovision contest, which is a coveted prize in popular music in Europe and leads to large recording contracts. This kdam website includes a listing for every contest held since 1973 with information and weblinks about the artists and songs. This site is a good place to learn about a history of pop music in Israel although there is no confirmation about the qualifications of the source of this information