Leynen in the Fast Lane

by Hazzan Jack Kessler. A book-and-cd package designed as an easy-access method to fluid Torah chant. The method begins with the trop sung as a niggun to become grounded in the melody before engaging the ‘nuts and bolts’ of trop signs, and continues with many practice examples from Torah.

Nusach CDs: Nusach Ha-Tefilla is the collection of traditional nusach for the entire Jewish liturgical year by Hazzan Jack Kessler. The recordings combine the basic melodic material, sung in a straight-ahead, non-florid way in the appropriate mood for each service, with a wide range of havurah-style melodies for group participation. The series may be purchased in holiday blocks. Hazzan Kessler may be reached at goldenmedina@comcast.net or 215-849-9227.