Mizrachi, Alberto

Alberto Mizrachi is now a world famous cantor and premiere interpreter of Jewish song. He’s often called the “Jewish Pavarotti”. He is cantor at Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago. He concertizes all over the world, sings in nine languages, and has appeared in most of the major venues of the world. He’s recorded with the Milken project, been on PBS, and appeared in large concert stages. I first met the cantor, (then known as Abraham Mizrachi), in Cincinnati, as a graduate student when he hired me to be a song leader in a part time job at a local temple where he was cantor. It was there he gave me a gift set of the Coopersmith books The Songs We Sing and The More Songs We Sing and said “here, learn these”. He was also the first person to introduce me to the music of Miriam Gideon, which I have appreciated for over 30 years. You can read all about his life and accomplishments on his website, which also includes a travel schedule, photos and contact information. With Alberto Mizrachi, a little bit goes a long ways, and he’s got a lot more than a little bit to give.