Abrams, Harriett

Harriet Abrams as Silvia in Cymon

English. Composer and soprano. Born,(ca) 1758. Died, 1822. Studied with Thomas Arne. Stage debut in October, 1775 in May Day as little gypsy. She appeared in London concerts, provincial festivals, and a series of Handel Commemoration concerts in 1784. Charles Burney praised “the sweetness and taste of her singing.” Composed vocal works. She also wrote two- and three-part songs. Occasionally her sisters sang with her. Haydn presided at the piano for her benefit concerts held in 1792, 1794 and 1795. She organized the Ladies Concerts, held in the private houses of their aristocratic lady directors, in the early 1790s. More information is available in the Norton/Grove’s Dictionary of Women Composers.

Paulina Achkinaz-Shepherd

Abravanel, Maurice

American. Born, Jan. 6, 1903 in Salonika, Greece. Died, September, 1993. Brought up in Lausanne, Switzerland. At age 19, he went to Berlin where he studied music and theory with composer Kurt Weill. Became an assistant at the Mecklenburg Theatre and there developed a very remarkable baton technique. Conducted in Zwickau, Altenburg and Kassel. In 1933 and 1934 he conducted Monteux’s Orchestre Symphonique de Paris, and at Ballet Russe. In 1936 he came to US and conducted the Metropolitan Opera. In 1938 he left the Met to conduct Broadway. After WWII, went to Australia to conduct the Sydney Symphony Society. A year later, accepted the post as Conductor of Utah Symphony, and remained there for 32 years. In 1949, received a Tony Award for conducting of Regina.…

Achinoam Nini (Noa)

Achinoam Noa Nini by Nahum Leder

Israeli-born singer (1969), pianist and percussionist, of Yemenite descent. She grew up in Bronx, NY, but moved after high school to Israel. After the army, she attended the ‘Rimon’ School of Music, meeting Gil Dor who became her musical   collaborator and accompanist. Her music reflects both her Yemenite heritage and the jazz and rock infused music of Gil Dor.  Her career launched with him, completing several international and Israeli albums and hundreds of concerts. Noa has performed for presidents, popes and prime ministers as well as working with some of the outstanding musicians of popular culture in the United States, such as Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Quincy Jones, and Sheryl Crow. Site contains a biography, discography, photos, news and political statements. Noa is especially known for her peace work and concerts promoting understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.…

Achishena, Tziona

Tziona Achishena Closeup

American-born Israeli. Tziona Achishena provided this autobiographical sketch: “Tziona’s Achishena’s rich and soulful voice weaves its way through her new disc, “Miriam’s Drum”, created in collaboration with percussionist Shani Ben Canar. The album features original melodies to ancient Hebrew prayers “received” through her intuitive musicianship, and enlivened by world class percussion, transcendent harmonies, and inspired vocal improvisation. The album’s release marks the culmination of years of musical and spiritual searching. Interestingly, this process began, not through music training, but through dance. From early childhood to her first years in college at Berkeley, Tziona spent much of her time in the dance studio, studying all the major western dance forms from Ballet to Modern dance. At home, however, she was singing; and experiencing through her voice the beginnings of a sense of the revelation of soul.…

Achron, Joseph


Joseph Achron, born May 13, 1886, Lodzdzieje, Poland (now Lasdjaj, Lithuania). Died, April 29, 1943, Los Angeles. Violinist, teacher and composer. His brother Isador was a pianist. A child prodigy and a concert soloist. He studied composition in Russia under Anatoly Ljadov. Toured widely, giving more than 1000 concerts between 1919-1922. Served as Head, and gave Violin Master classes in Leningrad’s Artist Union. He joined the Society for Jewish Folk Music in 1911. In 1922 established a publishing company called “Jibneh” in Berlin. Traveled to Palestine in 1924, staying only a few months. In 1925, Achron emigrated to the U.S. and settled in New York. Worked for a short time rearranging Yiddish theater music for Maurice Schwartz. Taught violin at the Westchester Conservatory. In 1934, he moved to Hollywood, composing film music.…

Adatto Schlesinger, Emma

American. Born Constantinople, Turkey. grew up in Seattle in a bilingual Ladino and English household. Developed an interest in the scholarly study of Ladino culture, including linguistics and music. Wrote a master thesis in 1935 at Univ. of Washington on A study of the Linguistic Characteristics of Seattle Sefardi Folklore. She incorporated an audio section which was field work and recorded Sephardic women from the Seattle community, including Spanish canticas and romansas, Turkish songs and Ladino songs. The University of Washington had the recordings transferred to better archival storage in 1981.

Adler, Samuel

American. Born, Mannheim, Germany, March 4, 1928. Came to US, 1939. Studied composing with Herbert Fromm, Walter Piston, Randall Thompson, Paul Hindemith and Aaron Copland. B.M. from Boston University, M.A. from Harvard University, and honorary degrees of: Doctor of Music from Southern Methodist University, Doctor of Fine Arts from Wake Forest University, Doctor of Music from St. Mary’s College (Indiana), and a Doctor of Music from Saint Louis Conservatory. Music Director at Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, Texas (1953-1966). Music director of the Dallas Lyric Theater (1954-1958). Professor of composition, North Texas State University (1957-1966). Professor of composition, Eastman School of Music (1966-1995). Chairman of dept., 1974-1995. Composed over 400 published works, including large scale works such as operas, symphonies and concerti, and for smaller forces, such as wind ensembles, band, choral works and chamber music.…

Ahuvat-El (Ohevet-El) Iron, Miriam

Israeli. Jerusalemite singer and song-writer, the descendant of a Hassidic family from Karlin who arrived from White Russia to Israel as early as 1846. She has published a CD, Hassidic Shabbath Songs and Nigunim of Karlin.Many of these Chasidic tunes were, according to tradition, “passed down through the generations, from the time of the great Hassidic Rebe, Reb Araleh Hagadol of Karlin, who was part of the circle of the Baal Shem Tov.” Miriam has also published a CD of her songs “Miriam Ahuvatel sings Psalms”, which appeared at the Shalshelet competition. “Ways of Peace” is another CD. Miriam has put her CDs for sale on CD baby’s CDs dress the melodies in some modern garb, including jazz and modern musical elements. Miriam has a very pleasant voice which I like very much, and the songs are all well done.…

Akiva, Daniel

Daniel Akiva, guitarist, appears as soloist, in Classical Trio (oboe, cello and guitar) and in ensembles presenting music inspired by the Judeo-Spanish tradition, with the Ladino language; a synthesis of Spanish and older Hebrew. Daniel Akiva’s repertoire includes works from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Special emphasis is placed in his programs on original music written by him or for him by Israeli composers.

Allard, Ellen

American. Jewish educator and songwriter, specializing in music for young children. Graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music. She earned her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Arcadia University. “Ellen began her formal piano studies at the age of five, studied flute through elementary and high school, and learned to play acoustic guitar while a student in college. After graduating with a degree in music education, she taught elementary vocal music, grades K – 6. Pursuing further graduate studies under the tutelage of renowned Orff teacher Joseph Wuytack, she brought a strong Orff component into her music teaching. The Orff method continues to be a significant influence on Ellen’s teaching, performing, and songwriting.” Together with husband Peter Allard, Ellen put together the Bring The Sabbath Home song book

Amato-Salerno, Angela

Violin Soloist, Chamber Musician and Leader of Professional Orchestras in Italy and UK, Ms. Amato is now dedicating much of her Research into Jewish Music Study, with major interest in the arrangements of traditional Italian and Askenazy Music. She performed in major National and International Festivals. Purcell Room debut 1994; Teatro Francesco Cilea debut 1996; Teatro Bellini debut 1989. Winner of National and International Music Awards. Recorded for Radio France, Radio Swisse Romande, BBC and Rai radio and TV. CD recordings include 28° and 29° Tibor Varga Festival, Sion, Switzerland. Plays a French violin 1780 Paris School.

Amit-Kalev, Lotti

Born 1934. nee Lotti Kalev. Pianist and composer living in Israel. Piano and harmony teacher. Graduated from the Rubin Music Academy in Tel Aviv in 1957. Music program editor in the 1950s at IDF radio station ‘Galey Tzahal’ in Tel Aviv. Compositions are listed at the Israeli Music Center:

Amram, David

American. Composer, educator, French horn, piano, guitar. Degree from George Washington University in 1952. Composer-in-residence with the New York Philharmonic, 1966-67. Composed over 100 orchestral and chamber works. Scored Broadway musicals and films. Director of Young People’s, Family, and Free Summer concert programs for the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Wrote a book:Offbeat: Collaborating With Kerouac (2002). Also plays a variety of folk instruments. Known for his work with jazzmen Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Charlie Mingus, Thelonius Monk and Lionel Hampton. The Washington Posthailed Amram as “one of the most versatile and skilled musicians America has ever produced.” Amram’s family were from Savannah, GA, but he grew up in Pennsylvania and Washington DC. Wrote The Sacred Servicein early 1960s. It was commissioned by the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York, where it had its premiere in 1962.…

Andre Hajdu Z”L Dead at 84

Andre Hajdu, one of the leading lights of Israeli music, passed away in Israel, August 1, 2016. His funeral will be in Jerusalem. His music and his teaching affected generations of Israeli musicians and composers. Born in Hungary on March 5, 1932, Hajdu’s education started in Budapest. He studied with well known musicians, including Zoltan Kodaly for ethnomusicology. Hajdu grew up under the oppressive Soviet occupation and Communist regimes in Hungary. He escaped during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 to France. It was there he was able to study with some of the most renowned composers in the world, such as Darius Milhaud and Olivier Messiaen. He was also able to experience freedom of religion and follow his Jewish heritage. In 1966, with the encouragement of Israel Adler, Hajdu visited and settled in Jerusalem, Israel.…

Anne Joseph, Robin

American. Cantorial soloist. Songwriter. Robin has performed and recorded her original music as one half of the duo B’shert and now solo, with the release of her recording “Ta’amod–Stand Up!” Winner of the American Zionist Movement’s First Annual Song Competition in 1994, Robin’s unique style of storytelling through song, MidraShir, has been acclaimed nationwide. Robin’s liturgical compositions have been sung in synagogues across the United States and her Adonai Mah Adam was recently published through Transcontinental Music Publications. Ordained at the Academy for Jewish Religion, Robin is the cantor at Temple Beth Shalom in Hastings-in-Hudson, NY.

Aroeste, Sarah


American born singer. Aroeste’s family roots are Greece and Macedonia– her family came from Salonika, Greece before going to the US. Sarah trained in classical opera at Westminster Choir College and Yale University. She later studied with Nico Castel in Tel Aviv and in the US. Aroeste sings primarily in Ladino, in a musical genre originating from Spain. The Aroeste’s sound combines and updates aspects from her ‘unique family background with influx of Latin-based music in America over the past few years.’ To date, Sarah Aroeste has released four recordings, A la Una: In the Beginning (2003), Puertas (2007), Gracia (2012) and most recently, Ora de Despertar (2016),

Barak, Roslyn

American Reform cantor and opera singer. Born in New York City. Attended Manhattan High School of Music & Art. B.A. in vocal performance, Manhattan School of Music. Master of Sacred Music, 1986, Hebrew Union College. Also attended SF School of Psychology. Made Carnegie Hall debut with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of New York. 1974-77, Israel National Opera. 1987 began as Cantor of the Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco. Won Liederkranz Award and the Minna Kaufman Ruud Foundation prize. CD: “The Jewish Soul”.

Barnes, Milton

Milton Barnes, b. 1931, Toronto, d. February 26, 2001, Toronto, Canada. Jazz drummer and guitarist. Wrote chamber and orchestral music on Jewish themes; composed, orchestrated, and conducted scores for feature films and television. Composed in an “eclectic fusion style”. They are “marvellous works of energy, depth, and compositional values.” (Linda Litwack). A biography and sample works are available from the Canadian Music Centre.

Bauer, Marion

American. Composer. “Marion Bauer (15 August 1882-9 August 1955), daughter of French Jewish immigrants in Washington state, was a member of what scholars have called the “forgotten vanguard” of modernism…” Musicologist Dr. Melissa De Graaf has written a biographical sketch of Marion Bauer for the Jewish Music WebCenter, which can be viewed here as a pdf file.

Dr. De Graaf’s work is copyrighted. Pleasecontact JMWC if you need more information about the use of this article.

Bazian, Cantor Moshe (Murray)

Website devoted to the life and works of Cantor Bazian. Born in Kishinov, Bessarabia. Served Congregation Tifereth Israel in the Bronx. He later officiated at the Linas Hatzedek Synagogue and the Kingsbridge Heights Jewish Center. Moshe Bazian was Cantor at Congregation Shaarei T’filoh in Flushing. Site includes biography, pictures and mp3s of the cantor.

Beigelman, David

Born, 1887, Lodz, Poland. Died, February, 1945, in slave labor camp, under Nazi occupation. Violinist, conductor, composer, and theater critic. Secret diaries found underground after the war mention Beigelman conducting the first symphonic concert in the Lodz Ghetto, March 1, 1941, followed by a concert for chorus and orchestra on March 13th. Deported to Auschwitz in 1944. Tsigaynerlid is a tribute to some of the Gypsies in the Lodz ghetto.

Beit-Halachmi, Michal

Israeli born clarinetist Michal Beit-Halachmi graduated from Givatayim Conservatory, where she studied with Eva Wasserman-Margolis. She continued her musical studies in the United States at Indiana University and Duquesne University, receiving her Bachelor of Music Degree in 1999. In 2002, she received her Master of Music degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook, under the tutelage of Charles Neidich. She has been a scholarship recipient of the America- Israel Cultural Foundation since 1997. She has toured Russia and Armenia with the American- Russian Young Artist Orchestra, performances at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (Germany) and a concert in the Salzburg Festival with members of the Vienna Philharmonic. Other festival appearances include the Sarasota Chamber Music Festival, and Domaine Forget in Quebec, Canada. Ms. Beit-Halachmi has concertized extensively as a soloist and chamber musician throughout Israel and in Russia, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and the United States.…

Ben Haim, Paul (Frankenburger)

Israeli. Born 1897, Munich. Composer, pianist, conductor. After trying to start his career as a composer in Augsburg from 19224-31, he fled to Israel and settled in Tel Aviv in 1933. Ben Haim was part of the early musical pioneers establishing an “Israeli” national style. He won the Israel State Prize in 1957. While not well known outside Israel, Ben Haim’s music is receiving a much deserved reevaluation on an international basis. He died in 1984. For more information on his work, see the book Twenty Israeli Composers: Voices of a Culture by Robert Fleisher.

Ben-Amots, Ofer

Israeli. Born: Haifa, Israel. Studied, Conservatoire de Musique in Geneva, Switzerland; Hochschule für Musik in Detmold, Germany. University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. in music composition. Vienna International Competition for Composers (1994). Ben-Amots won Aaron Copland Award and the Music Composition Artist Fellowship by the Colorado Council on the Arts (1999). “Dr. Ben-Amots is a member of the Advisory Board and the Editorial Board of the Milken Foundation American-Jewish Music Archive. In addition, he is a Jerusalem Fellow of the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity and its Artistic Director for North America since 1997.” His webpage lists compositions, his publishers, performances and reviews.

Berger, Arthur

American. Born in 1912 in New York. Died in Boston on October 7, 2003. Avant-garde composer. Studied at NYU and Harvard University. Focused in chamber and solo piano music. New York Music Critics Circle Citation, 1962. Won awards from Guggenheim, Fromm, Coolidge, Naumburg and Fulbright Foundations. Fellow of the American Academy & Institute of Arts and Letters. Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Taught at Mills College, 1939–1943. Taught at Brandeis University 1953-1980 as Irving Fine Professor of Music. Helped establish the graduate program at Brandeis. 2003 ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award.

Berlinski, Herman

Herman Berlinski, the great composer of Jewish music, including synagogue organ music, was born in Leipzig on August 18, 1910. He studied piano, composition and conducting at the Leipzig Conservatory 1927-1932. He studied at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris from 1934-1938, and the Schola Cantorum from 1937-1939. He emigrated to the United States in 1941. This article explores some of his life and the performances of some of his music in Europe.

Bernstein , Leonard

The official website of Leonard Bernstein includes… well everything. Very comprehensive. Includes a biography and a series of “time line” events.

The Library of Congress Leonard Bernstein Collection
“This online Leonard Bernstein Collection makes available a selection of 85 photographs, 177 scripts from the Young People’s Concerts, 74 scripts from the Thursday Evening Previews, and over 1,100 pieces of correspondence, in addition to the collection’s complete Finding Aid.”

Bernstein Gostein, Abby

Cantorial soloist, songleader, music educator, composer of Jewish liturgical music. Grew up in Mt. Vernon, NY. Currently at Temple Beth Shalom in Austin, TX., formerly at Sha’aray Shalom in Hingham, MA (1997-2003), and at Congregation Beth Israel in Austin, (1994-1997). Bachelor, Psychology, Yale University. Masters, Speech-language Pathology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Betcher, Cantor Marie

Cantor. Operatic Vocalist. Educator. Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, IN; Masters of Music, Vocal Performance Florida State University School of Music, Tallahassee, FL; Certification & Investiture as Cantor Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion-School of Sacred Music, New York City. Performances include: Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Piccolo Spoletto in Charleston SC; and tours in concert in Sicily and England. She has won operatic competitions such as the West Palm Beach Civic Opera Competition and was a finalist at The Dallas Dealey Awards Competition. She has sung with symphony orchestras such as The Las Vegas Symphony, The Pittsburgh Symphony and The Austin Symphony. Her performances have taken her from Toronto to Beverly Hillsto New York and many cities in-between. Her repertoire spans from Puccini and Verdi operas to Brahms Lied and Faure Chanson to Bach and Handel arias.…

Bikel, Theodore

Theodore Bikel: actor, singer and political activist. Known for his portrayals of Tevye the Milkman in more than 2000 performances of Fiddler on the Roof. Bikel is an advocate of Yiddish folk song. Bikel has been active in organizations dealing with the arts, theatre, and the intersection with government, business and regulation. He has written an autobiography called Theo: The Autobiography of Theodore Bikel. His website includes biographical sketches, lecture topics, speeches, sound clips and a schedule.

Bitton, Eyal

Canadian Composer. Born of Moroccan and German Jewish descent in Montreal, Canada on January 25, 1970. In 1971, his family and he moved to Kinshasa, Zaire where he attended TASOK (The American School of Kinshasa). He moved back to Montreal in 1978 and then attended United Talmud Torahs, Herzliah High School, Vanier College (DEC Pure & Applied Sciences), and McGill University (B.A. Jewish Studies). He has taught English at Ecole Maimonide and at College Francais. He served as President of the Sephardic Educational Center in Montreal, board member of the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, and YAD Co-Chair for Federation CJA Campaign 2001. He now lives in Toronto with his wife, Michèle Tredger. He is currently currently the Choir Director of Toronto’s Beth Tikvah Synagogue Choir, formerly conducted by Srul Irving Glick.…

Blitzstein, Marc

The Marc Blitzstein website contains a biography, listing of complete works by genre, and photos about the composer. Many of these photos are recoganized as being held in the American Memory collection of the Library of Congress, but unfortunately, the site does not label or credit the photographs, so it is somewhat difficult to keep track… or these may be duplicates found in Wisconsin. The little search box didn’t seem to work. However, there is an excellent discography, filmography, bibliography and information about accessing the Blitzstein archive in Wisconsin. Also valuable is a listing of publishers and rights holders to Blitzstein music. The archive “also contains extensive and rare recordings of Blitzstein’s music, including many items which appear to have been made available only to the archive.…

Bloch, Ernest

Born: July 24, 1880, Geneva, Switzerland. Died: July 15, 1959, Oregon, USA. A brief biography with a listing of works, a selected discography and some interesting links.

Ernest Bloch
by Claude Torres, of Montpellier,France
“Discographie du compositeur suisse Ernest Bloch” The website includes a biography, a list of works by style, chronologically and alphabetically. There are also links to other important Bloch websites.

A Young Person’s Guide to Ernest Bloch
This interesting site from Japan on the composer Ernest Bloch provides a “chronological list” which is a listing of important dates of the composer’s life and a listing of compositions by the composer.


Bloomfield Zeisler, Fannie

American. Born July 16, 1863 in Bielitz, Silesia. Died, August 20, 1927. Moved to US in 1867. Concert pianist, teacher. Studied piano in US and then in Vienna with Leschetizky between 1879-1883. Professionally debuted at Chicago Beethoven Society in 1884. Concertized throughout the United States, in recital and with orchestras, promoting the works of contemporary American and European composers in addition to a vast standard repertoire.

Boyd Leon, Carol

American. Composer, songleader, cantorial soloist, choir director and music educator. Born and grew up in Baldwin, NY, graduated from Brown University, and has resided in Northern Virgiinia since 1977. Her music is “characterized by its lovely and singable melodies; her focus is on creating music for congregational and school use.” Ms. Leon is the current and founding director of several Jewish youth and adult choirs in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, coordinates Northern Virginia’s annual Jewish choral festival called “NoVaShir,” and teaches and leads Jewish music at several area schools and synagogues. Her works include “Family Shabbat” (with CD, 2000), “Jewish Life Cycle” (2002), “Gan Shirim: 70 New Jewish Songs for Children” (with double-CD, published by KTAV Publshing House in 2004), and “A Healing Service In Song” (DVD, 2005).…

Braitman, Sylvia

French-born mezzo-soprano Sylvie Braitman graduated from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has performed with various regional companies. She is a performer in the fields of opera, art song, folk and popular music. Braitman focuses on 20th century music– she has premiered opera roles such as Mrs. Vallejo in David Conte’s The Dreamers (Sonoma Opera), Anja in Philippe Manoury’s 60th Parallelconducted by Kent Nagano (Berkeley Symphony). Other roles include Marcellina in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Madame Larina in Eugene Oneguin, Thisbe in Cenerentola and Mercedes inCarmen. She is a regular feature of the Berkeley Jewish Music Festival and has conceived various one-woman-shows that tell the story of her family’s Holocaust experience through the use of Yiddish music, acting and story telling.…

Braunstein, Karen

American Cantor and klezmer musician. Bachelor of Music, New England Conservatory, 1981. Hebrew Union College-School of Sacred Music, invested as cantor, 1988. Started the band “Shirim” in Boston. Served various pulpits as cantor and guest-cantor in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas. Currently serves Temple Shaarei Shalom, a Reform temple located in West Boynton Beach, Fl.

Fanny Brice
Aamerican. Born October 29, 1891, New York. Died May 29, 1951, Beverly Hills, California. New York theatrical singer and comedienne. Starred in the Ziegfeld Follies. Following a success with Irving Berlin, she continued Yiddish style comedic songs. Brice toured as a vaudevillian, and also was featured in several Broadway shows in the 1930s. She became known for her onstage antics and Yiddish ethnic humor. She went on to radio and created the Baby Snooks character.


Bryan Edelman, Marsha

Singer, choral conductor, full professor of Jewish music (and education) at Gratz College in Melrose Park, PA. Edelman is director of the only non-Seminary-based program conferring an MA in Jewish Music. President of the Zamir Choral Foundation, and author of a variety of articles and liner notes. Author ofDiscovering Jewish Music, [JPS, 2003 ISBN: 082760727X]. Among her varied activities on behalf of Zamir, Dr. Edelman works with Matthew Lazar to coordinate the annual North American Jewish Choral Festival. She also serves as administrative director of Hazamir: The National Jewish High School Choir. (More information about Dr. Edelman forthcoming).

Carlyle, Jackie

Jewish singer/songwriter. Her song about Israel, SOULS IN THE BREEZE is on the Jewish Agency for Israel website. Clips of her singing are on her website.  I have always felt that writing came through me; it was a gift given to me by some higher power, especially the words. If I had the choice, I don t think I would have chosen this path for myself; I feel it chose me. Jackie s song  You Are My Anchor” was #2 on the charts under Elton John s Circle of Love in Holland. He website includes a bio, photos, clips and links.

Casman, Nellie

Born 1896 in Proskurov, Russia. Died, May 27, 1984 in New York City. Casman came to US in early 1900s. She began in the Yiddish theater as a child star. She performed in Yiddish theater in South America, Europe and throughout the US playing comic Yiddish roles. Nahama Sandrow, in her bookVagabond Stars, refers to Casman as “one of the rare female kuplétists, tiny and round…” The kuplét was a comedic patter song that had little to do with the action of a show. In some shows Casman combined this with the “red hot mama” style where she “starts to shake her bosom, which makes one cozy curve from shoulder to waist. She vibrates all over, till even the absurd red flower sticking up on top of her head jiggles, too and she looks down at her own chest with such childlike surprise and satisfaction that the audience roars with delight.” She performed in shows such as “The Girl from Argentina” and “The Drunkard”.…

Castelnuevo-Tedesco, Mario

Born: April 3, 1895, Tuscany. Died: March 16, 1968, Beverly Hills, California. A brief biography of Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco.

Papers of Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco are held in the Library of Congress. Included are: “manuscript and printed music, programs, reviews of Castelnuovo- Tedesco’s music, contracts, photographs and related materials. In addition, the collection includes correspondence from many of the 20th century’s major musical figures…”

Chen, Nira

Israeli. Born, Kibbutz Ein Harod. Studied piano in Jerusalem. Wrote several piano pieces, children’s songs, popular songs, such as “Iti Milvanon”, and ‘folk songs’, including the world famous “Dodi Li”, which many people today think of as a genuine folk tune. The tune is often used for choirs, but has received many arrangemenets, such as this one available online at the Boosey and Hawkes website:
A pdf score of the music appears at:

Cogan, Susan

Born Toronto, Canada. Moved to Jerusalem, Israel in 1966 where she began singing at the age of 15. In the 1970s in the duo Susan & Fran, these Canadian women achieved fame, with their songs now standards in Israel. Recorded, “Susan Cogan o-n-e”, a collection of her original folk and soft-rock songs. Toured Canada in 1981. In 1991 Susan created the indie label and recording studio “Nomad Music” together with producer Paul Brosseau. Released CD “Space-Age Primitives” (1993). CD “Gypsy Hill(1999) CD “Mayim” (2001), a collection of popular Israeli songs ranging from the 1920’s to the 1970’s, in Hebrew. Song “Israel Shemah”.

Cohen, Dalia

Israeli musicologist. Professor Emeritus of of the Department of Musicology at The Hebrew University and the Jerusalem Academy of Music. Her research interests include music theory, universals in music, music perception and cognition, learned and natural musical schemata, sytle as determined by both the aesthetic ideal and cognitive constrains, vocal communication among humans and animals, symmetry in music, musical language of Bach, Arab music in theory and practice. She has published numerous books on these subjects as well as numerous papers, books, conference presentations. Often collaborates with Ruth Katz in the field of cognition in music. Wrote her dissertation on Zimrat hahimnônim sel ha-‘arauim ha-rtôdoksim we-bay-yevanim haq-qatôlim be-yisra-el [The Hymn Singing of the Greek Orthodox and Greek Catholic Arabs in Israel]. Ph.D., Musicology, Jerusalem, 1968. Co-author with Ruth Katz, Palestinian Arab Music: A Maqam Tradition in Practice (2005).…

Cohen, Harriet

British pianist. Born 2 Dec 1895 and died London 13 Nov. 1967. Eldest daughter of Florence White and Joseph Woolf Cohen. Studied with Tobias Matthay at the Royal Academy of Music (1912-1917). Known for her performances of Bach. Ralph Vaughan Williams dedicated a Concerto to her, which she premiered in 1933. Lover of the composer, Arnold Bax, but they were never married. She made the first recodings of his music. In 1948, she injured her hand, but continued to play for a time with one hand. Her memoirs areA Bundle of Time (1969).

Cohen, Judith

Canadian ethnomusicologist and performer of Sephardic, Crypto-Jewish, Judeo-Spanish (“Ladino”)and Medieval music. Born in Montreal 1949, Dr. Cohen received her PhD from Université de Montréal in 1989 with a dissertation on Sephardic music in Canada. She travels widely researching medieval and Crypto-Jewish music in Spain and Portugal. She gives lecture-recitals, often accompanied by her daughter Tamar. Her CDs include: “GERINELDO: Chansons traditionnelles jud’o-espagnoles” (1994) and “Empezar quiero contar: Canciones de Sefarad,” (2000). Her website Judith Cohen includes a vitae, list of publications and lectures and discography. Dr. Cohen has published online articles and bibliographies including:A short bibliography of Sephardic Music

Cohen, Myrna

American. Cantorial Soloist at Temple Emanu-El in San Diego, California, composer and singer. “Myrna received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Music from the University of Pittsburgh, and was employed as a counselor and youth advisor at the Irene Kaufman Center, as well as being a music specialist at the Beth Shalom Synagogue Sunday School.” Albums by Myrna Cohen include: Special Days & Lullabies and Quiet Time, Special Days: Songs for Children, and Swinging Chai. Easy to learn songs for very young children.

Cooper, Adrienne

Yiddish singer and co-founder of KlezKamp. Born in Oakland, California on September 1, 1946. She studied German lieder and French art song in Israel with Mina Lief. Inspired and coached by Lazar Weiner in New York, Ms. Cooper focused on Yiddish song, concertizing widely. Her CDs include “Dreaming in Yiddish” (1995) and “Ghetto Tango”(2000).She joined “Mikveh”, a women’s klezmer band, and sang in their premier CD in 1998.

Copland, Aaron

Copland House
The official Aaron Copland house website contains a biography with a timeline, a list of compositions and pictures of the composer in his home. Information about the new Copland Society, founded in 1996, is available.

Aaron Copland and the Landscape of Imagination
A brief biography on the life of Aaron Copland residing on the website of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The Aaron Copland Collection at the Library of Congress
Part of the American Memories Project, this website includes links to the featured items in the Aaron Copland collections, including visual images and texts of personal letters, his own writings, his sketches and manuscripts of music, and photographs. An extensive and thoroughly organized primary source on the music of Copland. Also includes an index and a search screen.…

Czackis, Lloica

Mezzo-soprano. Born in Germany to Argentinian parents in 1973. Grew up in Venezuela. She played and sang with her musical family Latin American folk music. She formally studied singing and choral conducting in Buenos Aires, and completed her training at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. Her repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the avant-garde and from folk to tango, including oratorio, opera, and works written especially for her. Since 1999, she conceived and produced programs on Latin American and European 20th Century music, Yiddish song, cabaret and tango. She also performed in renowned venues in Buenos Aires and Europe. Her 2002 Millennium Award-winning show Tangele: The Pulse of Yiddish Tango (, features songs from the Yiddish theatre in Buenos Aires and New York and from ghettos and concentration camps in wartime Europe.…

Danielpour, Richard

American. Born New York, January 28, 1956. composer. pianist. “Richard Danielpour is one of the most recorded composers of his generation, and became only the third composer — after Stravinsky and Copland — to be signed to an exclusive recording contract by Sony Classical.” There is an in-depth biography of Danielpour from G. Schirmer (AMP) that includes a list of works and links to reviews of his music.

Deikman, Susan

Singer, composer, Hebrew kirtan leader, educator. Leader in the international Music for People Organization, and teacher of voice, music improvisation and art. She teaches singing and leads drum circles. Susan is the creator of Mishpacha Music for children and their families. She is the founder of “Tone Deaf Choir” and has an instructional CD, “Toning for Tuning” for the Vocal Discovery Series. One of the originators of Hebrew kirtan which blends call and response chanting of Hebrew text and names of God with joyous sound: a blend of voice, harmonium, and drums. Kirtan, Deikman states “is an ancient Hindu devotional chant form and is similar in its religious passion and intensity to African-American Gospel and Hasidic niggunim.” Susan is known for her style of chanting. She states that she “offers you a powerful, direct, and personally transformative entry to God-realization.” Susan teaches at Elat Chayyim, which is affiliated with the Jewish Renewal Movement.…

Denburg, Moshe

Moshe Denburg (b. 1949) grew up in Montreal, Canada, in a religious Jewish family. His first musical influences were the singing and chanting of the Synagogue and his mother’s singing of Jewish and Israeli folksongs. His musical career has spanned over 3 decades and his accomplishments encompass a wide range of musical activities, including Composition, Performance, Jewish Music Education, and Piano Tuning. His compositions have been performed in many parts of the world and as a Performer/Composer he has recorded and toured with his ensemble Tzimmes all over North America.

Mr. Denburg has studied music extensively, both formally and informally. He has travelled worldwide, living and studying music in New York (1965-66), Israel (1966-73), Montreal (1973-78), Toronto (1978-82), India (1982-83; 1985-86), and Japan (1985). From 1986-90 he studied composition with John Celona at the University of Victoria, Canada.…