Copland, Aaron

Copland House
The official Aaron Copland house website contains a biography with a timeline, a list of compositions and pictures of the composer in his home. Information about the new Copland Society, founded in 1996, is available.

Aaron Copland and the Landscape of Imagination
A brief biography on the life of Aaron Copland residing on the website of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The Aaron Copland Collection at the Library of Congress
Part of the American Memories Project, this website includes links to the featured items in the Aaron Copland collections, including visual images and texts of personal letters, his own writings, his sketches and manuscripts of music, and photographs. An extensive and thoroughly organized primary source on the music of Copland. Also includes an index and a search screen.

Featured Subject: Aaron Copland
News and Reviews from the NY Times including a link to the first chapter of Howard Pollack’s biograpy of Aaron Copland:The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man on theNY Times Book Reviews Archive. Also includes audio clips of Copland’s works.

Who Was That Masked Composer?

A lengthy article in the Atlantic Monthly by David Shiff, a composer and professor of music at Reed College. The site also contains links to excellent Copland sources.