Cohen, Dalia

Israeli musicologist. Professor Emeritus of of the Department of Musicology at The Hebrew University and the Jerusalem Academy of Music. Her research interests include music theory, universals in music, music perception and cognition, learned and natural musical schemata, sytle as determined by both the aesthetic ideal and cognitive constrains, vocal communication among humans and animals, symmetry in music, musical language of Bach, Arab music in theory and practice. She has published numerous books on these subjects as well as numerous papers, books, conference presentations. Often collaborates with Ruth Katz in the field of cognition in music. Wrote her dissertation on Zimrat hahimnônim sel ha-‘arauim ha-rtôdoksim we-bay-yevanim haq-qatôlim be-yisra-el [The Hymn Singing of the Greek Orthodox and Greek Catholic Arabs in Israel]. Ph.D., Musicology, Jerusalem, 1968. Co-author with Ruth Katz, Palestinian Arab Music: A Maqam Tradition in Practice (2005). “Perception and Responses to Schemata in Different Cultures: Western and Arab Music,” in Music and Altered States, November, 2005; “Remarks on the Significance of Rules of Musical Style” in Style and Meaning in Language, Art, Music, and Design, AAAI Press,Technical Report FS-04-07. Cohen, Dalia, Roni Granot, Hillel Pratt, amd Anat Barneah; “Cognitive Meanings of Musical Elements as Disclosed by Event-Related Potential (ERP) and Verbal Experiments,” Music Perception11: 153-184. Dalia Cohen and Ruth Katz (Hebrew University), “Universal Constraints Concerning Music: The Meaning of Stylistic Rules in Different Cultures”, paper at 16th Annual Meeting of the ESEM: John Blacking’s Legacy 7-10 September 2000, The Queen’s University of Belfast. Dalia Cohen Israel) / Ruth Katz (Israel), “Characterizing various styles of world music.” at XIXth European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (ESEM) Vienna – Gablitz, September 17-21, 2003. “The Interdependence of Notation Systems and Musical Information,” , with Ruth Katz, Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council, 11, 1979:100-113. “Gestalt Phenomena in Musical Texture” with Shlomo Dubnov in Music, Gestalt, and Computing – Studies in Cognitive and Systematic Musicology, 1997: 386 – 405. “‘Separation’ and ‘Directivity’ as Guiding Principles in the Comparison Between Eastern and Western Music.” InProceedings of the World Congress on Jewish Music, ed. Judith Cohen. Tel Aviv: The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature (Naidat Press), 1978b.