Miller, Benzion

Cantor Miller’s singing career began at age five, singing at many public gatherings, such as “Melave Malka” gatherings, Bar Mitzvahs and other Jewish functions. He acted as head soloist in the Yeshiva Choir and in solo performances. At the age of 18 Cantor Miller accepted the position as Cantor at the Hillside Jewish Center in Hillside, NJ. Benzion Miller is a graduate of Bobover Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY and the Bobover Yeshiva Kedushat Zion in Bat Yam, Israel. He received his basic knowledge and training in the art of Chazzanut under the guidance of his father, the very popular Cantor and Mohel, Reb Aaron Miller. Cantor Miller studied Music Theory and Solfege under Cantor Samuel B. Taube of Montreal. He studied voice production at the Champagne School for Music in Montreal and with Dr. Puggell, Cantor Avshalom Zfira, Allan Bowers. From Hillside, he went on to positions in the Bronx, Montreal, Toronto. He served as Cantor at Beth-El Congregation of Borough Park, now known as the Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park, where Cantor Miller currently serves as its full time “Shliach Tzibur”. “Acclaimed as one of the foremost interpreters of Liturgical Music, Benzion Miller is equally at home in Operatic Repertoire and Jewish and Chassidic Folk Music. He has appeared with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony, the Rishon L’Tzion Symphony, the Haifa Symphony and members of the London Symphony. He recently recorded, for the Milken Archive, in Barcelona, Spain with the Barcelona National Symphony Orchestra. Benzion Miller was privileged to be among the first group of Cantors to visit and sing in the Eastern European countries. He has appeared before capacity audiences in Romania, Russia, Poland and Hungry, where he sang with the Budapest State Opera Orchestra. Benzion has to his credit many recordings of liturgical, Chassidic and Yiddish music.” This essay is based upon information from the website “Cantors: A Faith in Song”