Yiddish Song Workshop at Felicja Blumental Music Centre Tel Aviv

The Yiddish Song Workshop‚ under the direction of Nekhama Lifshitz‚ is now admitting new singers. For details please contact Regina (0547621628) or Udi (0542026242). The workshop was founded 12 years ago by Nekhama Lifshitz‚ queen of Yiddish song. The aims of the workshop are to preserve Eastern European culture in general and Yiddish language and song in particular. Weekly workshop lessons are conducted privately by pianist and coach Regina Dricker‚ Nekhama’s right hand for many years. The lessons include voice training and study of Yiddish language and culture through the songs. Every year the workshop presents a number of song evenings or shows based upon different themes. Some of the performances‚ such as the evening dedicated to the Holocaust‚ are held throughout the country. This past year‚ which was dedicated to Yiddish poet Itsik Manger‚ we put on performances of ”The Megilah” [The Purimspiel] as well as a concert of Manger’s poetry and songs. For more information see: http://www.fbmc.co.il/