The Leib Glantz Project Team announces that the website of the LEIB GLANTZ PROJECT is now up and running on the Florida Atlantic University website.

This following last year’s publication of the 500-page book THE LEIB GLANTZ PROJECT that included three audio compact disks.

You can gain access to this website by logging on to:
The website is defined as “Sound ‘n Scores” – a project of the Recorded Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University Libraries in Boca Raton. It is a unique online approach to music studies, which combines the experience of hearing recorded sound tracks while viewing corresponding sheet music.

The website contains 43 Leib Glantz compositions, organized into seven content areas in the order they are performed in Jewish prayer services.
Displayed pages of over 100 scores of new arrangements composed by several world famous musicians, many by Raymond Goldstein in collaboration with Cantor Naftali Herstik.…

League for Yiddish has music book available

The League for Yiddish is pleased to let you know about two books that are now
From Holocaust to Life: New Yiddish Songs,(2010)
“Oh, what a joy, what a pleasure! This book, an anthology of the music and songs
of David Botwinik, is a singular demonstration of a life devoted to Jewish continuity.
Between the covers of this songbook… the sounds and melodies of the Jewish soul
sing out. At a time when few people read Yiddish poetry, Botwinik’s music breathes
fresh life into these poems.”– Dr. Rakhmiel Peltz, Director of Judaic Studies
Drexel University, Philadelphia

The book From Holocaust to Life: New Yiddish Songs is a collection of musical
compositions by the Vilna-born Montreal composer David Botwinik. These are new Yiddish songs:
solo and choral works, complete with English translations, piano accompaniments,
and chords.…

Katchko: Three Generations of Cantorial Art

Deborah Katchko-Gray announces the release of the compilaton Katchko: 3 Generations of Cantorial Art, featuring the music of Adolph Katchko, and including a CD of music sung by Cantor Katchko-Gray. The book is a combination of scholarly articles about the lives and work of Cantor Adolph Katchko (1866-1958) and CantorTheodore Katchko (1927-1997) and music. Essays on the nature of the cantorate, and transcripts of talks given by the cantors, as well as still photos from the film “The Voice of Israel”, family memorabila, letters, programs, and testimonials, all lend to the interesting archival presentation in the work. In addition to this background material, the important musical works of Adoph Katchko are presented in score with guitar chords in “female friendly” vocal ranges. These vocal arrangements by Deborah allow this music to become available to everyone, including modern female cantors who wish to sing the music of the “Golden Age” of cantors.…

Important Critical Edition of Leo Zeitlin’s Music Published

As part of their series on Recent Researches in the Music of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century, AR Editions has released an important critical edition of Jewish music, the Leo Zeitlin: Chamber Music. Paula Eisenstein Baker and Robert Nelson are the editors. This is the work of many years of research and labor to bring this performance and critical score to light. This music is important to American Jewish community because Leo Zeitlin (1884-1930) was one of the significant members of the St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music group of Jewish musicians establishing a Jewish national school, who came to America. The musicans of the St. Petersburg Society brought those musical ideas both to Israel and America; that organization being the ancestor of today’s American Society of Jewish Music.…

New Klezmer Fiddle book released by Ilana Cravitz

Klezmer Fiddle: A How-to-Guide by Ilana CravitzIlana Cravitz has released a new book exploring traditional klezmer music. It’s a teaching guide, accompanied by a CD, and helps the student delve into the style of klezmer playing. Seckund and bass parts pull out for handy playing with friends. Cravitz explains bowing techniques, includes a brief history of klezmer, and the modes of each piece. Each of the sixteen tunes has a listening track to help learn performance technique. She also gives suggestions for effective variations and interpretations from the written score. In the appendix is a helpful chart explaining the dance style that goes with the various tunes, a Yiddish glossary and pronunciation guide, a bibliography and a discography. She also gives helpful suggestions about arranging melodies in sets, or groups of tunes that will work well together without a break.…

Guitar Arrangements for Jewish Melodies

Ellen Whitaker guitar arrangements Ellen S. Whitaker, a guitar teacher in North Carolina, has created an excellent book of guitar arrangements of Jewish favorite melodies. The book is intended for intermediate to advanced guitar players, with a few easier pieces. It includes a key to the guitar notation used in the work, the texts to the songs in transliteration, occasionally in Hebrew text, with English and an annotation about the meaning of the song along with performance notes about each piece. The guitar music, both solos and duets are presented in a separate section, which is an excellent arrangement of the book for learning and performance. The end of the collection includes an appendix explaining the Jewish modes, a second appendix linking each piece with the mode used, a glossary of each of the musical terms, a bibliography and discography.…

Jewish National and University Library Digitized Books includes Song Books

The Jewish National and University Library’s Digitized Books
Repository continues to grow and now contains 340 titles of rare and
out-of-print books.
Among the items added this week:
mi-zimrat ha-arets : American national songs in Hebrew / [translated by
Gerson Rosenzweig] (New York, 1898) which contains the songs: “America,
or My country tis of thee” (le-artsenu mizmor shir), “Columbia, the
gem of the ocean (adom, lavan u-tekhelet), and “The Star spangled
banner” (degel ha-kokhavim), along with notes for singing them in

The Digital Repository can be accessed via the Library homepage at:
or directly at:

It may be noted that this software to view the items works in Internet Explorer, but won’t work with Mozilla or Firefox browsers.…

Judi Lamble’s compositions on new website

Judi Lamble, who composes for accompanied and a cappella choruses, soloists, and duets, has a new website that has contact information for obtaining her scores, and samples of her music. Lamble’s music can be appropriate for groups with varying degrees of sophistication. For more information about difficulty of pieces, contact the composer. Some of the religious texts she uses follow the Reform liturgy. She also includes links to other composers sites.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The Ramaz Chorus of the New York under the direction of Caroll Goldberg recorded songs on Yom Yerushalayim in 2001. Title of the CD is Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow. If your Jewish day school is looking for material that is attractive, uplifting, and sounds good both to you and teens, you may want to take a listen to this recording to see what kids can do. Caroll Goldberg also has a book L’yisrael Mizmor, that has “selections with melody line, chords, two and three part settings suitable for amateur as well as professional chorus, texts, transliterations and translations, discography, curriculum guide, amd bibliography.” Availble through