Jewish Guitar Music

Rob Citron has generously supplied a listing of places for students and others to find Jewish music for guitar.

Israeli Guitar bookJewish Music for Guitar
Whole Note Music, The Israeli Guitar Book (Tara); The Complete Jewish Songbook (Transcontinental); Jewish Play-Along, Vol. 1 for C Instruments (Tara); Jewish Songs for Classical Guitar (Transcontinental);The Best Of Israeli Folksongs – An Anthology by Velvel Pasternak (Tara);

Let me list also for guitar: Blues for Peace
The Complete Shireinu: 350 Fully Notated Jewish Songs from Transcontinental
Tara Music
This is a great start and I appreciated this, as I’ve had many requests for instrumental music for various instruments. If you have a listing of great resources for your instrument, give a holler by email and let me know.