Feidman’s 75th anniversary performance by Moussa Berlin


A few days ago, Moshe (Moussa) Berlin wrote this note:
“Some years ago, when playing the ceremony of 7th of Adar, at the tomb of
Rabi Shimeon in Meron,
There came a rumor that the famous composer and songwriter Naomi Shemer,
become ill. My thought at that time was what can I to help her in that
situation. (Meron is a place where people are praying, crying, asking their
requests for health, livelihood matchmaking etc’.) So I decided to play one
of her songs (Shirat Ha’asabim to words of R’ Nachman), and to combine it
with a Breslaver Nigun.
After I have done it (it was the first time in history that such song was
played in Meron) I was told that one of the Chassidim asked his friend
:”What is that tune?” and he was answered: “Oh, that is un alter nign”.
I don’t know how it helped but Naomi died one and half year later.
And now the clip[above] (played in another situation with my son and daughter)”