Choral Music Publishing

Looking for choral music for your group? ECS Publishing npw has a division that publishes Jewish choral music. It is edited by Dr. Stanley Hoffman, a composer and Chief music editor. The catalog is growing. Currently it includes works by Robert Applebaum, Judith Zaimont, Stanley Hoffman, Bella Gottesman, Vladimir Heyfetz, Mark Zukerman (Sutzkever, Olshansky, Bugatch and more).

Dr. Stanley Hoffman, an editor at ECS publishing, has enlarged the Jewish choral composition catalogue at ECS. The catalogue is growing and is available online. ECS Publishing is the parent company of E. C. Schirmer Music Company, Galaxy Music Corporation, Highgate Press, Ione Press, and the record label, ARSIS Audio. ECS incorporated in 1993 in Boston, Massachusetts. ECS Publishing is the exclusive American distributer for Édition Delrieu, Gaudia Music and Arts, Vireo Press, Dunstan House, and Randol Bass Music. ECS is also a non-exclusive distributor of many Stainer and Bell Ltd. products. E. C. Schirmer Music Company remains one of a few American independent classical music publishers in business today.