New Shabbos Waltz by David Grisman and Andy Statman

A new CD by instrumentalists David Grisman and Andy Statman called ‘ New Shabbos Waltz ‘ is now available.
Years ago Grisman and Statman were highly successful with their first
CD, “Songs of Our Fathers.” This is the first release they’ve done together since then of a CD of Jewish Music.
FROM THE BOOKLET: “Although this is an instrumental album, the majority of
the original songs alternate between the twin themes of shabbos and Jerusalem,
which are closely related. Jewish mystics state that what Shabbos is in time,
Jerusalem is in space.” Selections include; Avinu Malkeinu, Anim Zemiros, Pischu Li, Shabbos Ha Yom
La Shem, Ya’Aleh, Old Klezmer, Yerushalyim Shel Zahav, Ani Ma’amin, Lekha Dodi,
and more. CD available through many vendors, including Hatikvah Music, Contact: (323) 655-7083.