CD Release “No More Hanging Loose”

Zlati Krycer announces the release of CD “No More Hanging Loose.” Though an observant, religious Jew herself, Zlati hopes to reach out to women in general with songs that evince the experience and emotion of being a woman through a spiritual lens. To hear samples,

Zlati has somewhat of a high, nasal voice and sings in a basic folk manner. While some of her songs are interesting, the recording is somewhat amateurish and lyrics, while intended to be “slangy” come across as naive. (“Torah is where it’s at”) But you be the judge… some people may like it and it’s certainly sincere and heartfelt. Her website says:
“Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in a family of musicians, Zlati’s musical career began as a vocalist, performing in various choirs as a soprano. Playing piano throughout the early years, she began to learn guitar to accompany herself as a solo singer. A natural songwriter from the start, Zlati has been accumulating experiences, having lived in Australia and various cities in the US. Being also a wife and mother, combined with her journey toward authentic Torah Judaism has greatly deepened Zlati’s compositions to something thought and soul provoking. Having recently moved to Dallas, TX with her family, she has continued the musical expression process by completing her first solo CD, “No More Hanging Loose”.