Miriam Ahuvat-El(Ohevet-El) Iron CDs

Miriam Ahuvat-El(Ohevet-El) Iron

Miriam is Jerusalemite singer and song-writer, the descendant of a Hassidic family from Karlin who arrived from White Russia to Israel as early as 1846.
She has published a CD, Hassidic Shabbath Songs and Nigunim of Karlin.Many of these Chasidic tunes were, according to tradition, “passed down through the generations, from the time of the great Hassidic Rebe, Reb Araleh Hagadol of Karlin, who was part of the circle of the Baal Shem Tov.” Miriam has also published a CD of her songs “Miriam Ahuvatel sings Psalms”, which appeared at the Shalshelet competition. “Ways of Peace” is another CD. Miriam has put her CDs for sale on CD-baby http://cdbaby.com/cd/miriamae. Miriam’s CDs dress the melodies in some modern garb, including jazz and modern American musical elements. Miriam has a very pleasant voice, and the songs are all well done.