Flashes In The Darkness CD Released

In honor of her newly released CD, Flashes In The Darkness,
Talia Applebaum will be performing in Har Nof in the home of Karen Pichel.
Address: 2/12 Chai Taibe, Entrance Bet
Date: Motzei Shabbat, January 13th
Time: 8:00 PM
Entrance fee: 20 NIS
Cost of CD: 50 NIS
Talia’s music encompasses a variety of genres including:
Melodic piano ballads, folk, jazz, blues, rag time, mild rock and
All carrying messages based on Torah themes or verses.
All resulting from a personal spiritual journey that can be shared by all.
Please join us for this “Inspiring Musical Odyssey”

Quote from Tambourine, Jewish Woman’s Arts Newsletter,
“Talia’s unique sound reveals deep spiritual dimensions within her voice.
Potent and playful,
Talia’s voice emerges from the depths of the soul with a rawness and
honesty that is simply refreshing”