Atzilut Concerts for Peace

Atzilut is known in Europe as the “Middle East Peace Orchestra”. The ten-member ensemble features Arab and Jewish musicians in concert making a powerful statement for peace by working together. Atzilut has three CDs: Fourth World, Souls on Fire: Music for the Kabbalah, and The latter is a balanced program of Arabic and Jewish music including such works as Fo Rusnic (Arabic), Nagila Halleluyah (Hebrew), Balleghu (Arabic) and songs that combine Arabic and Hebrew. Available on CDbaby. Music director: Hazzan Jack Kessler. The message of the CD is “move forward into peace”. It’s for anyone enjoying middle east music with pleasant voices (Maurice Chedid performing Arabic vocalsand Jack Kessler, Hebrew vocals) and good instrumentalists. has a pleasing voice to western ears as well traditional ones.