Mike Boxer CD Erev Chaim

Pianist/singer/songwriter and public school music teacher, Mike Boxer released Erev Chaim as a way to introduce Jewish music to teens not familiar with any. Boxer hopes that it results in some Jewish youth who emerge more enthusiastic about the music of their faith. This “independently marketed concept album
brings the face of cutting-edge mainstream pop to today’s Jewish music.” The track list contains — heimish, liturgical-oriented classics like Shalom Aleichem, Bilvavi, and Acheinu — but a good portion of the music features sounds typically from the forefront of modern pop, rock and R and B. Seven songs are revamped covers; seven are Boxer’s own original material.

Boxer, who grew up in Spring Valley, NY and attended Binghamton University where he served as music director of Kashkeshet, a collegiate Jewish a cappella group,– has perfect pitch and plays a myriad of instruments. He went on to work for Open Studios in Vestal, NY, and then started his own company, Halfway Coherent Productions. He also sings with a group Six13 a cappella group and teaches middle school in NYC. The website contains purchase information.