Becoming Hirschhorn Revises and Renews

Linda Hirschhorn Becoming AlbumThere are some memorable albums that reflect a newer and older generation in popular music, Natalie Cole singing a “duet” with her father, electronically created using his original vocal. Here, Linda Hirschhorn revisits not a parent, but herself as the child of the parent, or, maybe vice versa. Putting down harmonies, and fuller tracks with some of her older songs recorded in the 1980s. Hirschhorn, along with some of her friends and daughter, revisits not only herself, but a generational change in American contemporary music. And why do we need more now? Is simplicity not enough? Here, depth in meaning is just as necessary to the spiritual and emotional needs of the generation today, and Hirschhorn gathers her own strength to capture that in a variety of styles. Of course there are a few newer songs, such as “Bountiful Love,” from the wisdom of “Don’t Keep Waiting, and “Hafoch V’Hapech” ” to the exquisitely aching “Bishiva” to the rousing “Kumi.” We can still enjoy “My Beloved”, “Talia’s Lullaby” and “Winter’s Song.” Her voice is still as soothing and good as ever. A great album for women, or anyone from any Jewish persuasion. Some texts of songs are on the website.