Musica Judaica Issues: 2005-2006, Volume XVIII

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Volume XVIII. 2005-2006

Israel J. Katz
Arbie Orenstein

President's Greetings p. iv
From the Editors p. vii
p. vii
The History of the Jewish Music Publishing House Jibne and Yuwal
Translated from the German by Eliott Kahn and Verena Bopp
Jascha Nemtsov p. 1
The Augmented Second, Chagall's Silhouettes, and the Six-Pointed StarMarina Ritzarev p. 43
The Female Sozanda Art from the Viewpoint of Professionalism in the Musical Tradition: A Preliminary Survey Elena Reikher (Temin) p. 71
Arab Music and Aesthetics as Basis for the Liturgical Structure of the Sabbath Morning Service of the Syrian Jews in Brooklyn, New YorkMark Kligman p. 87
Four Traditional Judeo-Greek Hymns and Their TunesRachel Dalven and Israel J. Katz p. 107
Memories of My Sacred BridgeEric Werner p. 125
Review: Jack Gottlieb. Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish: How Yiddish Songs and Synagogue Melodies Influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood (Albany, N.Y., 2004)Phillip E. Miller p. 133
Contributors of articles to this issue p. 136
The Jewish Music Forum (Second Year, 2005-2006) p. 138
ASJM Membership p. 140
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