Musica Judaica Issues: 1986-87, Volume IX

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Volume IX. Number 1. 5748/1986-87

Israel J. Katz

Associate/Review Editor, Neil W. Levin

Chant and Cantillation Johanna Spector p.1
Folk Music in the Urban German-Jewish Community 1890-1919Philip V. Bohlman p.22
Fumio Koizumi of Japan: An Asian's Use of the Concepts of Melody Found in the Works of Abraham Z. Idelsohn, Robert Lachmann, and Curt SachsJames Siddons p.35
Ami Maayani and the Yiddish Art Song (Part II)Laya Harbater Silber p.47
Hebrew as an Elucidator of Concepts in Western MusicVered Cohen p.65
In Memoriam: Reuven Kosakoff (1898-1987)Sharon Kosakoff p.68
Book Reviews: Letter to the EditorBernard Beer p.76
Book Reviews: A Reply to Cantor BeerNeil Levin p.77
Book Reviews: Adaqi, Yehiel, and Uri Sharvit. A Treasury of Yemenite Jewish Chants: Yehiel Adaqi's Collection (Jerusalem, 1981)
Philip d. Schuyler p.79
Irene Heskes, comp. The Resource Book of Jewish Music: A Bibliographical and Topical Guide to Book and Journal Literature and Program Materials (Westport, Conn., 1985)Israel J. Katz p.81
Necrology p.91
Contributors of Articles and Reviews p.94
Programs Presented by the ASJM (1986-87) p.95
Program of the ASJM/JTS Conference on Jewish Music (New York, Nov. 1-2, 1987) p.98
Listing of Recent Publications p.101
ASJM Membership List p.107
Contributors in Past Issues of Musica Judaica p.119
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