Musica Judaica Issues: 1977-78, Volume II, No. 1

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Volume II. Number 1. 5738/1977-78

Israel J. Katz
Albert Weisser

Lazare Saminsky's Years in Russia and Palestine: Excerpts from an Unpublished Autobiography/Edited and annotated by Albert Weisser p.1
The Music of the Synagogue as a Source of the Yiddish FolksongMax Wohlbergp.21
Cross-Cultural Dynamics in Musical Traditions: The Music of the Jews of Cochin/Israel J. Rossp.51
Soviet-Yiddish Folklore Scholarship/Eleanor Gordon Mlotek p.73
Book Reviews: The Articles "Music, Masoretic Accents, and Hazzan" in the Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem, 1971)Eric Wernerp.91
Book Reviews: Chanah Milner and Paul Storm, eds. Sefardische Liederen en Balladen (romanzas) (The Hague, 1974)Samuel G. Armistead, Israel J. Katz and Joseph H. Silverman p.95
Book Reviews: Catalogue of the Bronislaw Huberman Archive (1882-1947) (Tel Aviv, 1977)Peter Gradenwitz p.99
Contributors of Articles p.102
Cantor Arthur Wolfson (1912-1977): In Memoriam/Jack Gottliebp.103
NecrologyCompiled by Albert Weisserp.105
Programs Presented by the ASJM (1976-77)p.108
ASJM Membership List p.110

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