Musica Judaica Issues: 2003-2004, Volume XVII

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Volume XVII. 2003-2004

Israel J. Katz
Arbie Orenstein

President's Greetings p. iv
From the Editors p. vii
Marriage and Music as Metaphor: The Wedding Odes of Leon Modena and Salamone RossiDon Harranp. 1
Don Harran p. 1
The Cantorial Fantasia Revisited: New Perspectives on an AShkenazic Musical Genre
Geoffrey Goldbergp. 33
Where Musical Realms Meet: Hermann Zivi--An Exemplar of the German-Jewish CantorateTina Fruhaufp. 87
A Conversation with Miriam Gideon (1906-1996)Judith Shira Pinnolisp. 107
Problems Concerning the History of Jewish MusicBence Szabolsci Translaed by
Stephen Erdely
p. 143
A Conference on The St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music (1908-1938) held at the University of Potsdam, Germany (May, 2004)Malcolm Miller p. 155
Review Essay: In Search of the Italian Sephardic TraditionDon Harran p. 165
Review: Charles Davidson, From Szatmir to the New World; Max Wohlberg American CantorHenry Rosenblump. 196
Contributors of articles to this issue p. 198
ASJM Membership p. 200
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