Musica Judaica Issues: 1981-82, Volume IV, No. 1

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Volume IV. Number 1. 5742/1981-82

Israel J. Katz
Albert Weisser
Laura Leon-Cohen, Associate Editor

Dedicated to the Memory of Albert Weisser (1918-1982)

The Music Division of the Jewish-Ethnographic Expedition in the Name of BaronHorace Guinzbourg (1911-1914)Albert Weisser p.1
Curt Sachs and the Library Museum of the Performing ArtsCarleton Sprague Smithp.9
The Role of Ethnomusicology in the Study of Jewish MusicJohanna Spector p.20
The Enigma of the Antonio Bustelo Judeo-Spanish Ballad tunes in Manuel L. Ortega's Los hebreos en marreucosIsrael J. Katzp.33
On the Melody of David Edelstadts's "Vacht Oyfl" Robert A. Rothsteinp.69
Book and Music Reviews: Neil Levin, ed. and comp. Z'mirot Anthology: Traditional Sabbath Songs for the Home (New York, 1981)Irving H. Cohenp.81
Book and Music Reviews: Robert Starer, Psalms of Woe and Joy (New York, 1980)Joshua R. Jacobsonp.83
Contributors of Articles and Reviewsp.85
In Memoriam: Albert Weisser (1918-1982)Israel J. Katzp.87
In Memoriam: Lazar Weiner (1897-1982)Marsha Bryan Edelmanp.99
Joseph Yasser (1893-1981): A Personal RecollectionHerman Berlinskip.113
Necrology p.121
Programs Presented by the ASJM (1980-82)p.123
Listing of Recent Publications and Recordingsp.129
ASJM Membership Listp.136
Contributors in Past Issues of Musica Judaicap.145
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