Musica Judaica Issues: 1999, Volume XIV

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Volume XIV. 1999

Irene Heskes

Production Editor, Doris B. Gold

A Publication Devoted to All Aspects of Jewish Music
This issue of Musica Judaica is dedicated to the late Cantor Aaron J. Caplow
“Sweet Singer of Prayers”

Greetings from the President of the SocietyHadassah B. Markson p.6
Editor's CommentaryIrene Heskes p.7
Medieval Elements in the Liturgical Music of the Jews of Southern France and Northern Spain. [Vol. I, 1975/76].Judith Kaplan Eisensteinp.9
Postscript: Remembering Some of Our PioneersMarsha Bryan Edelmanp.31
The Music of the Synagogue as a Source of the Yiddish Folksong. [Vol. II. 1977/78]Max Wohlberg.p.33
Postscript: Max Wohlberg (1907-1998)Charles Davidsonp.63
Seged: A Falasha Pilgrimage Festival [Vol. III. 1980/81]Kay Kaufman Shelemayp.65
Update for Seged: A Pilgrimage FestivalKay Kaufman Shelemayp.85
Hugo Weisgall's The Golden Peacock: A Stylistic and Interpretive Analysis of Two Songs. [Vol. V, 1982/83]Laura Leon-Cohenp.87
Postscript: Hugo Weisgall (1912-1997)Laura Leon-Cohenp.105
The Resurgence of Jewish Musical Life in an Urban German Community: Mannheim on the Eve of World War II. [Vol. VII, 1985/86]Philip V. Bohlmanp.107
Postscript: Some Pre- and Post-Wende ReflectionsPhilip V. Bohlmanp.127
A Golden Age for Jewish Musicians in Paris: 1820-1865. [Vol. XII, 1991/92]John H. Baronp.131
Postscript: Additional Thoughts on the Golden Age of French Jewish ComposersJohn H. Baronp.153
Summary Report of Society's Public Concert Programs, 1994-1998Judith B. Tischlerp.159
Society Membership Listp.161
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