Musica Judaica Issues: 1987-88, Volume X

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Volume X. Number 1. 5749/1987-88

Israel J. Katz

Review Editor, Neil W. Levin

Dedicated to the Memory of Eric Werner (1901-1988)

Eric Werner (1901-1988): A Bibliography of His Collected Writings Israel J. Katz p.1
Eric Werner: A Personal Memoir Judith K. Eisenstein p.37
The Hazzanic Recitative Max Wohlbergp.40
A Possible Influence of Traditional Chant on a Synagogue Motet of Salomone RossiJoshua R. Jacobsonp.52
Revival and Renewal: Can Jewish Ethnic Tradition Survive the Melting Pot?Amnon Shiloahp.59
Jewish Music Published in Palestine: An IntroductionJames J. Fuld p.70
Mordecai Sandberg (1897-1973)Joel Mandelbaump.81
In Memoriam: Shalom Altman (1911-1986) Marsha Bryan Edelmanp.92
Reviews: Darryl Lyman. Great Jews in Music (Middle Village, new York, 1986)Byron Cantrellp.95
Reviews: Review Essay on the 1988 Third Biennial B'nai B'rith Jewish Music Festival (London, October, 1988)Malcolm Millerp.98
Contributors of Articles and Reviewsp.108
Programs Presented by the ASJM (1986-87)p.109
Listing of Recent Publicationsp.112
ASJM Membership Listp.115
Contributors in Past Issues of Musica Judaicap.128
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