Musica Judaica Issues: 1989-90, Volume XI

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Volume XI. Number 1. 5750/1989-90

Neil W. Levin

Assistant Editor, Alexander V. Knapp

Written Evidence and Oral tradition: The Singing of Hayom Harat Olam in Sephardi SynagoguesEdwin Seroussi p.1
Neglected Sources for the Historical Study of Synagogue Music: The Prefaces to Louis Lewandowski's Kol Rinnah u'T'Fillah and Todah W'simrah--Annotated TranslationsGeoffrey Goldbergp.27
A Guide to the Unpublished Works of Gershon Ephros (1890-1978): An Annotated BibliographyMarsha Bryan Edelmanp.58
Lord Byron's Hebrew Melodies: A Curious Episode Reconsidered-- A Review EssayCarole Rosenp.86
Reviews: Philip V. Bohlman, The Land Where Two Streams Flow: Music in the German-Jewish Community of Israel (Urbana and Chicago, 1989)Samuel Adlerp.93
Akiva Zimmermann, B'ron Yahad: Essays, Research and Notes on Hazzanut and Jewish Music (Tel Aviv, 1988)Joseph A. Levine p.96
Reviews: Charles Davidson, ed., Shaarei Shirah--Gates of Song (NY, 1987)Arnold M. Rothsteinp.100
Reviews: A Tribute to Ernest Bloch (1989)--Recording ReviewAlexander V. Knappp.111
Necrology p.115
Listing of Recent Publicationsp.118
Contributors of Articles and Reviewsp.137
Programs Presented by the ASJM (1988-89; 1989-90) p.139
ASJM Membership p.145
Articles in Past Issues of Musica Judaicap.163
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