Musica Judaica Issues: 1982-83, Volume V, No. 1

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Volume V. Number 1. 5743/1982-83

Israel J. Katz
Laura Leon-Cohen, Associate Editor

Hugo Weisgall's The Golden Peacock: A Stylistic and Interpretive Analysis of Two SongsLaura Leon-Cohen p.1
Frederick Emil Kitziger of New Orleans: A Nineteenth-Century Composer of Synagogue MusicJohn H. Baronp.21
The Biblical Trope System in Ashkenazic Phrophetic ReadingJoseph A. Levinep.35
Modulation as an Integral Part of the Modal System in Jewish Music Judit Laki Frigyesip.53
The Development of the Hallel Chant as Reflected in Rabbinic Literature Macy Nulmanp.72
Antisemitism and Music in Nineteenth-Century France James H. Johnsonp.79
Record Reviews: The Art of Moshe Rudinow. Russian Song Recital: Moussorgsky, Songs and Dances of Death, 'Sunless' Cycle Pride, Ballade, King Saul (Chicago, 1982)Byron Cantrellp.97
Record Reviews: Cantor Charles Bloch: Live at Temple Anshe Chesed (New York, 1983)Sherwood Goffinp.99
In Memoriam: Avraham Soltes (1917-1983)Ori Zarah Soltesp.102
In Memoriam: Henry W. Kaufmann (1913-1982)Martin A. Shermanp.107
Contributors of Articles and Reviewsp.110
Programs Presented by the ASJM (1982-83)p.111
Listing of Recent Publications and Recordingsp.114
ASJM Membership Listp.120
Contributors in Past Issues of Musica Judaica p.132
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