Musica Judaica Issues: 1993-94, Volume XIII

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Volume XIII. Number 1. 5755/1993-94

Neil W. Levin

Assistant Editor, Alexander V. Knapp

Founder, Albert Weisser (1918-1982)

From the EditorNeil W. Levin p.iv
An Unanticipated Consequence of Political/Racial Persecution: the Contribution of Jewish Musicians to the Cultural Transfer of European Art Music to JapanIrene Suchy p.1
Mordecai Sandberg (1897-1973): A Catalogue of the MusicAustin Clarkson, with Karen Pegley and Jay Rahnp.18
An International Conference on Jewish Music at City University, LondonMalcolm Miller p.82
Award of the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa, to Israel Adler p.90
Hanoch Avenary: In MemoriamEdwin Seroussi p.93
Reviews: Walter Salmen, "...denn die Fiedel macht das Fest." Jüdische Musikanten und TÄnzer vom 13. bis 20. Jahrhundert (Innsbruck, 1991)Joel Rubinp.98
Reviews: Hans Bloemendal, ed., Amsterdam Hazzanut [Amsterdams Chazzanoet] (Amsterdam, 1990)Raymond Goldstein p.109
Listing of Recent Publications and Recordings p.118
Contributors of Articles and Reviewsp.165
Programs Presented by the ASJM (1992-1993; 1993-1994)p.167
Listing of Recent Publications and Recordings p.110
Errata, Previous Issues p.173
ASJM Membership p.116
Contributions in Past Issues of Musica Judaica p.194
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