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DAVE BRUBECK: Jazz icon, pianist and composer Dave Brubeck wrote this cantata in an attempt to heal the rift between the Jewish people and American blacks that emerged in the late 1960s, especially after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968…DAVE BRUBECK, BRUCE ADOLPHE, and more…


Berlin-based duo Khupe will give klezmer workshop on March 10, 2004 in Austria…. following their appearance at Vienna’s remarkable Accordion Festival.

Zagnuts at NuBlu

Balkan music event. Zagnuts invite you to join them at NuBlu on the night before Golden Festival starts, Thursday, January 15th. Shake off the cold with two great nights of spirited music, energetic dancing, crazy people and plenty of good eats and drinks. 36 bands!

Ghetto Tango

Adrienne Cooper, one of the great vocal interpreters of Yiddish music, Dan
Rosengard, pianist/arranger, late of Saturday Night Live, & Frank London,
famed trumpetter/Klezmatics/ All-Star Brass Band bring to life the
extraordinary cabaret music of war-time Eastern Europe.

Discovering Jewish Music

By Marsha B. Edelman

We are fortunate to have a true educator involved deeply in the Jewish music. Marsha Edelman is that teacher, and she has given a book that will be appreciated for it’s straightforwardness, it’s completeness without too much detail, and for the clear explanations of a complex and involved history. Edelman has taken the subject of Jewish music history, distilled the essence in a judicious manner, and brought it out for anyone to read.

From the beginning you know this is going to be an excellent book. There is a 13-page glossary that astutely includes not only terms about Jewish culture, but musical terms that may be unfamiliar to a reader. In this way Edelman realized that some of her audience would be non-Jews who would need the Jewish vocabulary about holidays or liturgy, but there would also be a Jewish and other audience that would need musical terms to make those discussions intelligible.…

YIVO bleter

YIVO bleter, New series, vol. IV has a lot of new material on Eastern European Jewish folklore, folk songs, theater performances, and more. Chana Mlotek’s annotated publication of 42 folk songs is included….


This is an extraordinary album with tremendous creativity at all levels. The poetry and music of Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman is a modern miracle. To have such splendid NEW YIDDISH SONGS in 2003, –in and of itself– makes this album quite worthwhile….