Anni Eisler-Lehmann Stiftung Foundation

Anni Eisler-Lehmann Stiftung (Foundation) in Mainz Germany at: Scholarships for Jewish musicians…

The Anni Eisler-Lehmann Stiftung site is in German, English and French.
The Stiftung Foundation was founded by Anni-Eisler-Lehmann who was
born in Mainz, studied to be a singer but had her career taken away by
the Nazis. She returned to Germany after the war a rebuilt her family’s
fortune but was never able to rebuild her own career. At the end of her
life, with the help of friends, she founded the Anni-Eisler-Lehmann
Stiftung. The foundation’s primary goal is that of awarding scholarships
to young Jewish students of vocal and instrumental music who wish to
study in Mainz, Germany. Contact at the address below or address requests for
application information to