This is an extraordinary album with tremendous creativity at all levels. The poetry and music of Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman is a modern miracle. To have such splendid NEW YIDDISH SONGS in 2003, –in and of itself– makes this album quite worthwhile….

AF DI GASN FUN DER SHTOT-On the streets of the city-
A new collection of Yiddish songs written by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman
Featuring: Michael Alpert,
Sharon Bernstein,
Adrienne Cooper,
Margot Leverett,
Frank London ,
Peter Rushefsky,
Binyumin Schaechter,
Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman,
Lorin Sklamberg,
Deborah Strauss, and
Theresa Tova.
In addition, special care was obviously taken to match the song with the performer, because each of the voices is especially fitted and suited to that selection, in their timbre, mood, and interpretations of the songs. Having heard numerous albums by each of the performers, I was highly impressed by the tight fit of selection to singer. New to me is the delightfully clear voice of Sharon Jan Bernstein. Adrienne Cooper and Theresa Tova were perfect in every nuance. This “all star cast” included Michael, Margot, Frank, Deborah and Lorin as listed above. The composer, Beyle Shaechter-Gottesman also sings her ballad to September 11th. With all the insight and weight of the Yiddish community’s enormous losses, this song became especially poignant with the simple rendition of this memorial. One remembers that thousands of Americans attempted to express their feelings about this event in song, so it is fitting that a Yiddish song becomes such an effective conveyance to express the grief of New York. Of special note also is the maturity in Peter Rushefsky’s playing. It’s a pleasure to witness the growth of this rising artist in several recent albums. This album insert includes texts in Yiddish, transliteration and English translation.
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This album is highly recommended by JMWC