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Talia Applebaum Flashes in the Darkness Album

Talia Applebaum Flashes in the DarknessSeveral times in the last year (or so) there have been concerts for women based on the album by Talia Applebaum Flashes in the Darkness. It deserves another look for the humour, fun, a bit of blues, a little jazz, a bit of funk, but mostly American folk. Talia is writing about the stuff of her chosen life with the Breslov Hassidmi, and the way religious devotion permeates her life, blended into ‘the everyday.’ The music gives a window into that world –that Talia obviously relishes– for the rest of us. All music and lyrics are by Talia, including blending English and Hebrew with an all female accompaniment. Occasionally the melody and words don’t quite make it, but most often they do, and music cleverly wraps into the lyric.The best piece, (or maybe better to say, the one more universally related to all Jews’ experience), is “Perservere” with arrangement and piano by Shana Friedman, which could fit into any Jewish denomination’s repertoire.…

Kol Halev Choir from Ann Arbor Michigan

Kol Halev Choir from Ann Arbor MI Thanks to Kol Halev Choir, led by Cantor Annie Rose for sending JMWC a copy of their video of their 2004 Eastern European Tour. It’s a delightful 16 minute film showing the joy of Jewish community members hearing the choir sing in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, and trying out Bulgarian and Romanian. Kol Halev went on a tour of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece singing to very appreciative audiences. The filmmakers share a short chat, also included in the DVD. Kol Halev is also planning to release a DVD of their journey to Argentina. This film shows once again that Jewish music carries in it the seeds of joy, community, memory and bonding. Their website is located at:

Eight Nights of Joy from Live Concert

Joe Black and Maxwell Street Klezmer Band An early-bird Chanukah album reached JMWC even before Rosh Hashonah! The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band teamed up with Rabbi Joe Black to create a great Chanukah show for Temple Sholom in Chicago. Now you can join in the fun. It’s more than a children’s album, although there are some great pieces for the kids, especially the new ones composed by Joe Black. He has a great ear for combining lyrics with the American folk and country sound which work well and sound great for kids. There are also some fantastic jazz arrangements with Maxwell Street. Joe Black also has some moving pieces that are for the parents too, such as “Faith is Not A Flag”. Lori Lippitz has such a wonderful voice as everyone knows from over twenty years in previous albums,– and she’s featured in “Chanukah Lights.” Kimber Leigh Nussbaum, a lead singer with the group, is also terrific in “Abi Gezunt”, a song that has been done so many times, it takes a lot of energy to make it fresh.…

Shmoozin’ Just Hits the Spot

Shmoozin' A new album, called simply, Shmoozin’, has been released by our friends from ‘down under’ — Australia– The group is Klezmania and they have produced an album that just hits the spot. Give it to all your girlfriends, honey. Freydi Mrocki is the vocalist. She does a nice job that keeps the album in a even mood. David Breytman, bayan (a Russian type of button chromatic accordian); David Krycer, double bass and guitars; and Lionel Mrocki on clarinet, saxophone, guitar, percussion, didgeridoo, (this is an Australian album after all!) and vocals. There are a lot “standards” on this album, but there are some differences. They start with Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” but add some Yiddish verse by Doodie Ringelblum.…

The Lost Soul of Spain. Music and Dance of the Sephardic Jews

The Yuval Ron Ensemble featuring two stunning guest performers:
Israeli-Tunisian singer Smadar Levi and Israeli-Moroccan dancer Maya
. With Jamie Papish- Percussion, David Martinelli- Percussion,
Norik Manoukian – Woodwinds, Vergine Alumyan – Kanoun, Carolyne
Aycaguer – Harmonium.

Where: Brentwood Presbyterian Church.
12000 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

When: Sunday, November 2, 2008 at 7 PM
Tix: $20 at the door.
Info: or Calendar page at
tel: (818) 505-1355

Oscar winning composer. World music producer and artist Yuval Ron
(Oud and Saz) presents a preview concert of the music, his
international ensemble will perform for the King of Morocco, at the
International Sacred Music of Fez in June 2009. The program will
feature Hebrew and Ladino songs from Morocco, Andalusia, Bosnia, and

Klezmer Fiddle new book published

Ilana Cravitz announces the publication of her new book,
Klezmer Fiddle. This is a how-to guide. It is a new tutor book, published by Oxford University Press and is available through an introductory offer at: The book contains 16 tunes in treble clef with chords above the stave for easy accompaniment. Currently in use by clarinet players, oboeists, viola and bass players, and cellists, the melodies, accompaniments, and tips on playing have appeal and application well beyond violinists.

* Each tune has a ‘workshop’ on playing in traditional style.
* There’s also a CD with the complete set of tunes, historical recordings of a selection of the melodies, plus backing tracks you can play along to.
* The package contains two pull-out booklets with bandstand-style parts for sekund and bass players.…



VENUE: Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series
1007 Market Street (at Sixth), San Francisco CA 94103
Telephone: 415-255-5971
TICKETS: $6 – $10
BOX OFFICE: Tickets are available at the door.

The Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble performs in concert at the
Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series. This groundbreaking
new music ensemble, led by classical and film composer Jack
Curtis Dubowsky
, performs abstract, spacious, free form,
transcendental, electro-acoustic contemporary music. The Jack
Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble I album was performed and recorded
live with no overdubs; no pre-recorded music is used in concert

Also performing is Amar Chaudhary, a longtime composer and
performer specializing in contemporary and electronic music, as
well as a developer of advanced software for sound synthesis
and music composition.…

Me La Amargates Tú Presents 3 concerts of “Sephardic Music”

Me La Amargates Tú
Presents “Sephardic Music” in the following concerts:

October 5, 2008. “Oud Woelwijck”, Essenlaan 5,Voorschoten
15:30 hs. (Fully booked)

October 9, 2008. “Instituto Cervantes”, Domplein 3, Utrecht
19:00 hs.

October 12, 2008. “Delft’s Synagogue”, Koornmarkt 12, Delft
15:00 hs

Esteban Manzano-tenor
Doret Florentin- recorders
Tulio Rondón- viola da gamba
Sarah Ridy- baroque harp
Cristian Gutiérrez- baroque guitar
Juan Martinez- percussion

Shining Through Broken Glass

Shining Through Broken Glass
An Ecumenical Concert of Memory and Hope, 70 Years after Kristallnacht

Noted actor and director Leonard Nimoy will narrate a concert to
commemorate Kristallnacht in a one-night only performance called
SHINING THROUGH BROKEN GLASS, to be held on Sunday, November 9, 2008
at 7 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence, Rhode
Tickets: $25, $50, $75, $100 (discounts for seniors and students)

And Sarah Danced CD Release

Emil Skobeloff And Sarah Danced Emil Skobeloff and Or Chadash have released an album of all new tunes to liturgical music called “And Sarah Danced.: The album is thoroughly American in concept, and takes the listener on a walk through fifty-plus years of American popular styles, attached to Jewish liturgical texts. Skobeloff succeeds in creating some good tunes and some are quite catchy. So for those fond of American style music for Jewish worship, check out this album. Several of the successful songs are the “Magen Avot”, “Ma Tovu” and “Ashrei”. Skobeloff has a myspace page at:

3 Choirs Come together for 40th Anniversary

Zamir Chorale of Boston announces that there will be a performance with the Jerusalem Academy Choir at Northeastern’s New Fenway Center in a special three-choir concert at
on October 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Artistic Director Joshua Jacobson, who is also Director of Choral Activities at
Northeastern, will conduct sets by NU’s choir and Zamir, followed by a performance
by the Jerusalem Academy Chamber Choir (JACC), considered one of the finest musical
groups in Israel. For the finale, all three choirs will share the stage.
The JACC, comprised of 30 music students and led by Stanley Sperber, is also
celebrating its 40th anniversary. Sperber, founded the Zamir Chorale in 1960 in New York and inspired Jacobson to form the Zamir Chorale of Boston in 1969.…

FDT Klezmorim at ‘Across the Street, Around the World’, Kensington

Wednesday 1 October 2008
1 – 1.30 pm
FDT Klezmorim at ‘Across the Street, Around the World’, Kensington
Kensington Central Library, Phillimore Walk, W8 7RX
A lunchtime set with the band playing trad klezmer – old and new.
Ilana Cravitz (violin), Susi Evans (clarinet), Jim Marcovitch (accordion), Guy Schalom (drums), Paul Tkachenko (bass), Matt Bacon (guitar).
Free open-air event.
More events….

New Center for Arts and Culture features Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana and Brian Bender & Little Shop of Horas

New Center for Arts and Culture
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Inaugural Celebration
October 4, 2008 (rain date, the 5th)
New Center is Coming Together 12-4pm

On October 4th, 2008 the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy will
celebrate the official inauguration of the Greenway parks in Boston with
free live concerts, classes, rides, and food from all around the world.
Once a highway and now a series of parklands throughout the downtown
core, the Greenway will host this once-in-a-lifetime opening featuring
local and international artists, highlighting Boston’s rich cultural
heritage and celebrating a vision of city life & sustainability
completed. The New Center for Arts and Culture will present New Center
is Coming Together-an exciting program with performances by David
Odessa/Havana and Brian Bender & Little Shop of Horas.…

Les Concerts de Hotegezugt

Les Concerts de Hotegezugt (klezmer) sur la Place des Nations et de Tohu veBohu
(musique klezmer, arabo-andalouse et Renaissance) à l’Arena (Genève) pour le Geneva
World Peace Festival Vendredi 19 septembre n’auront pas lieu en raison de
l’annulation du Festival… 🙁 }
Renseignements: Caroline Schwab tél 0041 22 929 56 61 & 0041 76 404 22 86
Mais ne manquez pas le concert de El-Baze dimanche 21 à 17h à la Cité Bleue!

Peter & Ellen Allard present: Songs for a Jewish Head Start

A unique collection of 19 songs was originally written by educator Rita Gold for Head Start. Peter and Ellen Allard, along with fellow songwriters such as Peri Smilow, Josh Nelson, Shira Kline, and Fran Avni, have adapted these songs for use in Jewish early childhood education. The songs teach age-appropriate Jewish values and foster Jewish identity. All of the songs in this collection were written to help children learn the principles of fairness, decency, respect, and caring. Many of the songs were written in response to a child’s question. Other songs were created to lift the spirits of a child who is feeling hurt. Still others were composed to explain to children how they can improve our world. A CD is included.
No. 301787
Paperback and Audio CD
ISBN-10: 0-8074-1089-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-8074-1089-9
$24.95 each
Order at
Call 212.650.4120
Fax 212.650.4119
or email us at