And Sarah Danced CD Release

Emil Skobeloff And Sarah Danced Emil Skobeloff and Or Chadash have released an album of all new tunes to liturgical music called “And Sarah Danced.: The album is thoroughly American in concept, and takes the listener on a walk through fifty-plus years of American popular styles, attached to Jewish liturgical texts. Skobeloff succeeds in creating some good tunes and some are quite catchy. So for those fond of American style music for Jewish worship, check out this album. Several of the successful songs are the “Magen Avot”, “Ma Tovu” and “Ashrei”. Skobeloff has a myspace page at:

Emil’s MySpace page gives this bio: “Emil Skobeloff is a native of the Philadelphia area. He received his vocal training from Mary Romig deYoung, who was a mainstay on the faculty at the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts. Under her direction, he developed his vocal skills, and performed live, and on local television for years. Emil received cantorial training as a protégé to Cantor Sigmund Blass, a Hungarian survivor of the Holocaust. Cantor Blass’ passionate style opened the door to emotional and spiritual interpretations of liturgical music. While attending the Beth Jacob Hebrew Day School in Philadelphia, Emil was exposed to Gospel music in South Philadelphia on Sunday mornings, coming to and from choir practice. He was captivated by the passionate, visceral intensity of Gospel music. Combining the fervor of Cantor Blass’ lessons and the poignant intensity of Gospel music, Emil began his quest for musical styles and interpretations that expose the core of human passions, experiences and frailties.”