Eight Nights of Joy from Live Concert

Joe Black and Maxwell Street Klezmer Band An early-bird Chanukah album reached JMWC even before Rosh Hashonah! The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band teamed up with Rabbi Joe Black to create a great Chanukah show for Temple Sholom in Chicago. Now you can join in the fun. It’s more than a children’s album, although there are some great pieces for the kids, especially the new ones composed by Joe Black. He has a great ear for combining lyrics with the American folk and country sound which work well and sound great for kids. There are also some fantastic jazz arrangements with Maxwell Street. Joe Black also has some moving pieces that are for the parents too, such as “Faith is Not A Flag”. Lori Lippitz has such a wonderful voice as everyone knows from over twenty years in previous albums,– and she’s featured in “Chanukah Lights.” Kimber Leigh Nussbaum, a lead singer with the group, is also terrific in “Abi Gezunt”, a song that has been done so many times, it takes a lot of energy to make it fresh. Great instrumentals fill in the album along with the traditional blessings and Chanukah favorites in a sing-along medley. For information on ordering the album, email maxwellst@aol.com or by visiting the website at http://www.klezmerband.com/index.html. For more info, there’s a link for the album at www.eightnightsofjoy.com