Wetzler, Laura

Laura Wetzler, Born 1957 in Bayshore, NY. NYC-based singer, composer, lyricist, recording artist, and lecturer. Tours internationally. More than 150 concerts, lectures, workshops, radio, and TV appearances each year. ASCAP award winning original music and independent film scores State of the Art. Daughter of Long Island synagogue music director Rosalie Wetzler, Laura began singing and teaching Jewish music professionally at the age of 15. Received Bachelor of Science Degree in Vocal Performance from Hofstra University. Dorothy B. Hoag Scholar in Music. Presents 24 different concerts/ lecture programs, including “A World of Jewish Music,” sung in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and Aramaic, “Kabbalah Music: Songs of the Jewish Mystics,” >”Music of the Jews of Italy” “Jewish Women in Jewish Song,” “The Hitmakers: Jewish Roots, American Dreams,” “The Kidsong Jewish Songwriting Workshop,” “Music of the Jews of Africa-Uganda And Ethiopia,” “Jewels of the Diaspora,” a duo concert with Janiece Thompson, touring colleges, museums and community centers since 1990 doing grassroots African-American and Jewish peace and anti-racism work through song; plus performances of her original music and independent film scores (State of the Art.)Recordings Songwriter’s Notebook and Kabbalah Music:Songs of the Jewish Mystics receive international radio airplay . More information: www.laurawetzler.com