Paley, Cindy

American vocalist, guitarist, teacher and singer-songwriter residing in Sherman Oaks, California. Sings in Yiddish, Hebrew and English. Attended a Yiddish Kindershule. B.A. in French, UCLA. Worked for over thirty years as director of children’s music at Temple Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, California. Cantorial soloist at UCLA Hillel. Specializes in children’s music. Has recorded eight CDs of Jewish and children’s songs. Her albums include: Celebrate With Cindy Vol. 1 and 2; What a Happy Day; S’iz Yontev Kinder Lomir Zingin!; Chanukah a Singing Celebration; Shabbat Shalom; Zing with Cindy Paley; Yavo Shalom; A Singing Seder; Koleet: a Celebration of Jewish Folk Music.