Hadass Pal-Yarden

Israeli. Singer of Judeo-Spanish music. Ph.D. candidate, ethnomusicology at the Program on Ladino Folklore, Ladino Department, Bar-Ilan University. Research student at the Technical University of Istanbul-Conservatoire, Turkey (Vocal Department) where she studied folklore, classical Turkish music, and makam. Research interests: the song in Ladino in the contemporary stage. Research assistant at the Jewish Music Research Center at Hebrew University on the cataloging of the Ladino song collection at the National Sound Archive. Her first solo album, Yahudice: Urban Ladino Music from Istanbul, Izmir, Thessalonika and Jerusalem (Kalan, 2003), was released in Istanbul. Judith Cohen, has said of her CD: “excellent Hadass Pal-Yarden cd –one of the rare cases where I’ve barely ANY criticism!! except for her harmonized Moroccan version of the ballad “Landarico”, –which is at odds with the rest of her VERY fine, tradition-based interpretations throughout the cd — probably the best I’ve heard in the genre.”