Hadad, Sarit

Israeli popular singer. b. Hadera September 20,1978. nee Sara Hodedtov to a family of musically talented brothers and sisters. Originally she played classical piano by ear without knowing how to read music. During her early teens, she cultivated learning several instruments, including organ, drums, guitar, darbuka and accordian. She entered the Hadera Youth band in high school, and through that met her current agent, who convinced her parents to cultivate her talents in music. Since 1995 she has made 10 albums, many of which have hit “platinum” sales in Israel and beyond. Her singing of “Light a candle”, written by Yoav Ginai and Svika Pick was chosen to represent Israel to the Eurovision contest in 2002. Her album “Ashlayot Metukot” was a triple platinum winner, and “Like Cinderella” reached quadruple platinum sales. She was also nominated and won “Best Female Artist of the Year” and Tammuz Award in 1999. She as also appeared on Israeli television. Sarit contributes time and tzedakah for children. She also made an album in Jordan, and has a CD Sarit Hadad Sings Arabic . Her website has a photo gallery, sound clips, discography, and brief bio.