HaCohen, Ruth (Pinczower)

Israeli. Musicologist. Studied Musicology and Jewish Thought at Hebrew University, 1976-1991 Doctor of Philosophy, 1992 summa cum laude; Master of Arts 1985 summa cum laude Bachelor of Arts, 1980 (major also in Jewish Philosophy). Hebrew University, lecturer 1992-2000. Senior Lecturer 2000- to the present. Member of the Board of the Israeli Musicological Society 1992-4. Visiting Scholar, St. John s College, Oxford 1996-7. Chair of the Department of Musicology, the Hebrew University 2001-2004 Her published books include: Tuning the Mind: Connecting Aesthetic Theory to Cognitive Science, New Brunswick: NJ: Transaction 2002 (with Ruth Katz); The Arts in Mind: Pioneering Texts of a Coterie of British Men of Letters, New Brunswick: NJ: Transaction 2002 (with Ruth Katz);Arnold Schönbergs Kol Nidre: Versuch einer Begriffsbestimmung jüdischer Ästhetik in der Moderne, Schriftenreihe Ha’Atelier Collegium Berlin Heft 5:2002. “The Music of Sympathy in the Arts of the Baroque; or, the Use of Difference to Overcome Indifference,” Poetics Today 22.3 (2001) 607-650. She is currently a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. Since 2001 she is co-chairperson of Ha’Atelier Collegium in Berlin.