Israeli born singer songwriter. Her website bio reads: “By the age of 5, Tsufit, who had already lived in three countries, was putting on shows for the neighbourhood kids. By junior high, she joined a folk club that performed for the school. At age 14, she picked up the guitar at camp and a few years later, while still in high school, she started writing her own songs and performing at local folk clubs. A vivacious actress who was often cast in comedic roles in theatrical productions, Tsufit was shy in live concert situations. She had won several talent shows by singing pretty little songs until one day a friend of her mother told her to get her face out of the guitar and talk to the audience. Tsufit developed an audience banter that eventually led to spots on national television comedy shows such as “She’s so Funny” on WTN and “System Crash” on YTV on which she has a recurring role. She picked up a law degree along the way before coming full circle, back to the beautiful melodies that inspired her to become a performer in the first place, now with a confidence and warmth that has endeared her to audiences at clubs, concert halls and festivals across Canada and led to live radio appearances on such programs as CBC’s Vinyl Café with Stuart McLean.”