Tonight May 17 Anat Fort Trio

Thursday, May 17th at 9 and 10:30PM at Cornelia St. Café
29 Cornelia St. NYC
Reservations and Information:

Another performance:
Saturday, 5/19 at 8 and 9:30pm at An Die Musik Live!
409 North Charles Street
Second Floor
Baltimore, Maryland
Reservations and Information: 888.221.6170 or 410.385.2638

Both gigs feature trio with Gary Wang-bass and Roland
Music old and new, some from A Long Story and some from from other

“…It’s music with a transparency and a familiarity that seduces the listener and fools her into thinking that these melodies and motives have always been in the air, just waiting for Fort to capture them. Much has been made of Fort’s Mid-East background, which has been transplanted to New York, and almost every tune is touched in some way by scales from her original homeland. Yet, “Lullaby” is so totally American, especially as played by Robinson, as to almost make one laugh out loud. It sounds so quintessentially American, and yet nothing is obvious, provoking the question as to what makes it so”.
—Budd Kopman, AllAboutJazz
“Israeli pianist Anat Fort has a considerable maverick streak—as evidenced on her new ECM disc, A Long Story. She knows that the way to make the most of her adventurousness is to find a good band and stick with it. Her partners tonight are regulars Gary Wang (bass) and Roland Schneider (drums)”.
—K. Leander Williams, Time Out, NY