Katz, Ruth

Israeli. Musicologist. Professor Emeritus of Musicology, The Hebrew University. Author with Dalia Cohen ofPalestinian Arab Music: A Maqam Tradition in Practice. This project “presents the results of a major research effort to determine the parameters of the stylistic variability of Arab folk music in Israel.” She is also author of The Lachmann Problem: An Unsung Chapter in Comparative Musicology and many other books and articles over a long career. She also completed, along with Carl Dahlhaus, a four volume series Contemplating Music: Source Readings in the Aesthetics of Music for Pendragon Press– Vol. I: Substance (1987); Vol. II: Import (1989); Vol. III: Essence (1992) and Vol. IV: Community of Discourse (1994). “Her research interest include stylistic vs. paradigmatic change in the history of music; aesthetics of music and other arts; non-European musical traditions; musicological and ethno-musicological methods; theory and history of notation and music and cognition.”