Rudinow nee Leviash, Ruth

The following article was supplied by her daughter, Naomi Rudinow Cohen.

Ruth Leviash was born in Odessa, Russia, July 24, 1890. She studied at the Imperial Conservatory in Odessa, graduating in 1917. She married Moshe Rudinow, (who also graduated in the same class,) on February 28, 1917. In 1919, they left Russia and toured though Europe, reaching Palestine in 1920, where they joined the First Palestine Opera Company. Moshe and Ruth sang in operas and concerts throughout Palestine until 1927, when she and her husband sailed to the United States. Their son, Jacob was born in Odessa in August 1919, and their daughter, Naomi was born in Tel Aviv in July 1925. Both reside in California. Ruth lived with Moshe, (Cantor of Temple Emmanuel,) in New York until 1948, when he retired and they moved to Oakland, California to be closer to the children. She continued to sing in concerts until Moshe’s last illness and death in 1953. Ruth moved back to New York in 1955 and pursued her interests in music, arts and crafts and her circle of friends and relatives. In 1985, after some health problems, she moved again to California and lived until age 99 ½. She died April 10, 1990 Recordings of her vocal renditions (solo and in duet with Moshe,) are available on audiocassette, and soon on CD. To view more history of this singer, see a website devoted to her: