A Concert at the Center for Jewish History,
15 West 16th Street,
New York, NY 10011
Sunday, May 2 at 3 PM
Music by American Jewish Composers:
Bernstein, Bloch, Cohen, Copland, Gershwin, Goodman, Kraft and Zur

Ruth Laredo, piano
Adrienne Cooper, mezzo-soprano
Joseph Rutkowski, clarinet
Lisa Albrecht, trombone
Dan Zhu, violin
Florence String Quartet
Mimi Stern-Wolfe, piano
$8; $4 for students, seniors, ASJM & AJHS members
Reservations required
Box Office:
Phone 917.606.8200
Fax 917.606.8201

Leo Kraft’s New Songs from Old (fantasy for clarinet)
Jacob Goodman’s Three Yiddish Songs (mezzo and piano)
Menachem Zur’s Prelude for Solo Violin
Gerald Cohen’s Preludes and Debka (trombone and string quartet)
Ernest Bloch’s String Quartet no. 2
Bernstein’s Touches, 8 Variations and Coda
Gershwin’s Three Preludes for Piano, no. 1
Copland’s Blues No. 3 (piano)
Elzear (Zez) Confrey’s Kitten on the Keys